Blogs I like!

One of the main motivations for making this blog was to put all the links to blogs I visit daily in one place. =D

Cakespy ~ Cakespy, local Seattle dessert gumshoe and recipe experimentalist!
Tartelette ~ Ties for my favorite food blog. I learned how to make macarons from Tartelette. =)
Glass of Win ~ Rachaels’s travels through LA and beyond make me want to go “Om nom nom nom nom”….
Not So Humble Pie ~ Baking with an itsy bit of science thrown in, which is great if you want to understand why, say, lemon meringue pie filling is easy to mess up or macarons have no feet. Lots of recipes!
Savory Sweet Life ~ Another lovely Seattle food blogger!
Joy the Baker ~ Mmmm…ginger syrup….

A Fashionable Stitch ~ Lovely sewing blog with lots of tutorials. Can you say “How to Sew an Invisible Zipper”?
Vivat Veritas ~ Chie made my sister’s bridesmaid dress and her blog got me hooked on sewing.
Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing
Casey’s Elegant Musings ~ Casey sews things with a lovely vintage flair!
Sew Weekly
Colette Patterns
Brielle’s Costumes
Vixen Vintage
Bolt Fabrics

Cleolinda Jones
Mark Reads Stuff
The Shelf Life
yowayowa camera woman diary ~ Levitation photos

Keiko Lynn
Shiro Cosmetics blog


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