William, hairspray, and 30+ bobby pins = amazing wedding updo.

Apologies for the bad hair-related pun. I’m not actually distressed, but got my hair cut today and was a little sad to learn that William, my stylist at the Vain Salon, will be leaving Seattle and moving to New York City! Sadface. He sculpted a hair masterpiece for me at our wedding and also made my bridesmaid’s hair look super pretty:

But I am super happy for him since he will be working at a spiffy salon called “Seagull” in the West Village. I confess my ignorance of New York geography, but that sounds pretty swank. And gives me another incentive to visit the Big Apple. “Hi sis, I’m here to visit you, but also to get a haircut.” *glances at pricing* Hm, that is a sizeable chunk of change, but I like William enough to save my pennies! Take that, sensible economic stimulus spending!

I wish had taken pictures right after the blowout (“It’s beeeeauuutifulllll…”), but I had a bunch of errands* and labwork right after, so these pictures are a little messy. As a bonus, you can see the “hidden koi**” skirt I made (Mccall’s 5591, katagami fabric) and my obsession with cute things.

*Picked up proscuitto and Salumi salami at De Laurenti’s, coffee “cold brews” at Stumptown, a baguette festival at Le Fournil, and some milk.

**Hidden because I didn’t plan the pattern placement on the skirt very well.

"Curse your sudden yet inenvitable betrayal!"

Looking a bit wild and crazy-eyed, though not in a Newsweek way.

Anyway, I hope William does well in NYC! And if you’re in NY and need a swanky haircut/updo, I’d highly recommend him!


Future project: Lisette Market skirt

I picked up the Lisette Market pattern on a whim. Since then I’ve been daydreaming about the Market skirt with the kick pleats. I usually wear, well, mini skirts with those pleats, but the long skirt looks super cute.

I was thinking about a red gabardine skirt with white underpleats. The Bolt Fabrics, a Portland fabric store I dream about, posted about new Japanese fabrics they have in store. Specifically, a simple putty fabric with a white blossom border design, which I think would look amazing with white kick pleats. Since the skirt requires only 1.5 yards of fabric, I originally thought to myself, “Damn, that would be a cute skirt for under $20!” …and forgot that this was a Japanese fabric, which mean that it’s over $20 a yard. =/

But maybe I might try printing a similar design myself! Vivat Veritas recently wrote an inspiration post about printing your own fabric using stamps!. Wow! This may be a route to try out since I have carved stamps before (my own wedding invitations) and a taupe linen won’t be too expensive. And hey, I may be able to make some custom printed fabric for baby blankets since I have a couple friends’ baby showers coming up in lieu of Spoonflower.