Future project: Lisette Market skirt

I picked up the Lisette Market pattern on a whim. Since then I’ve been daydreaming about the Market skirt with the kick pleats. I usually wear, well, mini skirts with those pleats, but the long skirt looks super cute.

I was thinking about a red gabardine skirt with white underpleats. The Bolt Fabrics, a Portland fabric store I dream about, posted about new Japanese fabrics they have in store. Specifically, a simple putty fabric with a white blossom border design, which I think would look amazing with white kick pleats. Since the skirt requires only 1.5 yards of fabric, I originally thought to myself, “Damn, that would be a cute skirt for under $20!” …and forgot that this was a Japanese fabric, which mean that it’s over $20 a yard. =/

But maybe I might try printing a similar design myself! Vivat Veritas recently wrote an inspiration post about printing your own fabric using stamps!. Wow! This may be a route to try out since I have carved stamps before (my own wedding invitations) and a taupe linen won’t be too expensive. And hey, I may be able to make some custom printed fabric for baby blankets since I have a couple friends’ baby showers coming up in lieu of Spoonflower.


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