Summer student gifts

It’s the end of summer and that means parting with the summer students in the lab.  I finally broke out my science cookie cutters for the summer student in the lab down the hall (we’re like laboratory Siamese twins).  Nerdilicious!Laboratory cookies

I also mentored my very first rotating graduate student over the summer!  Since he recently moved to Seattle, I thought I would make him a house warming blanket.  And since he’s a big nerd, I made it a Weighted Companion Cube blanket!  To keep him warm while studying, since he is an MD/PhD student with 8 more years of school ahead of him.

When you join a lab here, you get an email from the administrator with the lab entry code and the sentence “Do good science.”  I thought it would be fun to embroider it onto the blanket using glow-in-the-dark thread.  W007!


Robin blanket

I seem to have graduated from the “All my friends are getting married!” age to “My friends are having children!” stage. While I’m not planning on having babies any time soon (graduate school is stressful enough for me at the moment, thank you very much), I enjoy making things for my friends. For instance, this is the baby blanket/quilt that I sent off this morning.

Robin blanket
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