Robin blanket

I seem to have graduated from the “All my friends are getting married!” age to “My friends are having children!” stage. While I’m not planning on having babies any time soon (graduate school is stressful enough for me at the moment, thank you very much), I enjoy making things for my friends. For instance, this is the baby blanket/quilt that I sent off this morning.

Robin blanket

I have to thank my friend for helping me with the bird design! I was stymied when trying to come up with a cute bird design (I lived in Portland: “Put a bird on it!”), so I consulted my friend who collects cute things and she described cute jewelry that she found on Etsy that depicted birds as blobs.

Not bad for my first baby quilt, though I took some cheats along the way:

Top stitching the robins onto the quilt:

Pre-made and super kawaii owl quilt panel:

And it wouldn’t be a quilt without some blocking/stitching the layers together! But I got fed up with the fabric slipping around the top when I used my sewing machine, so I hand-stitched around the robins and egg. I hope it doesn’t wear out too soon…


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