(Not to be confused with “Elephantiasis,” which is a terrible disease. My ailment merely stems from an uncontrollable desire to make cute things.)

I spent Thanksgiving weekend making elephants. I blame the crazy sale on fleece at Joann’s Fabric and the adorability factor of DIY Fluffies’ Love Elephant pattern.

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Geek patient scrubs

Holy pink batsignal, Batman!

By the power of the bat

One of my friends went in for a surgery yesterday. Don’t worry, she survived and is doing well! When she was getting her things in order for surgery, she lamented on her blog that:

* = Why are there only cute MATERNITY gowns on Etsy? I need the ANTI-MATERNITY hospital gown. Preferably in an adorable print, like one of these darling Doctor Who motifs.

** = I used to own cute scrubs. They were hot pink with white hibiscus flowers. Not precisely my thing (flowers that is, but hot pink yes) but I lived in them for years. I was sad when they ate it. Anyone want to make me cute scrubs to go with my ANTI-MATERNITY hospital gown?

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The “not-really-Princess-Bride” princess dress

This dress was made for a friend who is much more curvaceous than I am, so it’ll look a lot better on her. =) We started planning this dress after Halloween last year since she and her husband would be the perfect Buttercup and Wesley couple. No, seriously, they would be amazing!

I volunteered to make the dress. Fast forward through many other sewing projects and dress incarnations (Buttercup’s riding dress is really not the most flattering design) and we settled on a princess dress that could also double as a “Game of Thrones” dress.

I used Butterick’s 4377 pattern with the sleeves from Mccall’s 6376 pattern.
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