The “not-really-Princess-Bride” princess dress

This dress was made for a friend who is much more curvaceous than I am, so it’ll look a lot better on her. =) We started planning this dress after Halloween last year since she and her husband would be the perfect Buttercup and Wesley couple. No, seriously, they would be amazing!

I volunteered to make the dress. Fast forward through many other sewing projects and dress incarnations (Buttercup’s riding dress is really not the most flattering design) and we settled on a princess dress that could also double as a “Game of Thrones” dress.

I used Butterick’s 4377 pattern with the sleeves from Mccall’s 6376 pattern.

Total cost for this project:
Patterns: bought at Joann’s on sale for $1 each. I stalk their website for sales.
Fabric: 8 yards of green crepe-back satin = $40 (again, on sale)
Lining: 1 yard blue lining from the remnant bin ($3?) and 1 yard black lining ($2?) I had in my stash for my yet-to-be-constructed Arwen chase coat…

I loved how the skirt and bodice looked when I constructed them separately….and then it came time to join them. I did something wrong because the waist is all bumpy. But after ripping out the seam twice, I was too tired to figure out a way to fix it. No matter, this dress looks infinitely better with a belt anyway.

Sadly, I didn’t get this dress to her in time for this Halloween (but she’s smart and had already planned a Steampunk outfit!). Pardon my frumpy, tired poses. These pictures were taken then night I finished the dress, which I promptly sent out to Alaska the next day. Yeah, it’s a little weird that I tried on clothes that I send to other people, but I don’t have a dress form and I wanted to make sure it would look somewhat like a decent dress. Because I really can’t gauge what it will look like on a person if all I see is this:

…that’s a whole lotta dress.


2 thoughts on “The “not-really-Princess-Bride” princess dress

  1. Hello Liz,

    I’m so happy I found your blog post! I have the Butterick pattern, and I have a question about fit. What size did you use when you made the dress? I’m petite and I made a dress before that was listed as “small” on the pattern, but came out huge. Knowing the size of the one you photographed above would help me decide what size to make mine.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Oh man, I just moved so I have no idea where my notes for this project are. Based on my friend’s measurements, I think I must have made a size 16 dress for the B4377 dress. When making costumes for me, I always sew up a quick toile/mock up before doing the real thing to look at sizing issues. =)

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