(Not to be confused with “Elephantiasis,” which is a terrible disease. My ailment merely stems from an uncontrollable desire to make cute things.)

I spent Thanksgiving weekend making elephants. I blame the crazy sale on fleece at Joann’s Fabric and the adorability factor of DIY Fluffies’ Love Elephant pattern.

The backstory is that my friend’s daughter had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. Since she mentioned that her daughter kept running off with her sewing kit to make sweatpant headbands, I decided to give her a sewing kit of her own, along with a Simplicity plush toy pattern and some fleece. The next time I saw my friend, she guiltily admitted that she was enjoying her daughter’s gift more than her daughter and had made a giraffe and elephant in the last week. (Her daughter helped cut out the fabric, but is a little young to be handling a sewing machine.)

“…hey,” I thought to myself, “I want to make stuffed animals too!” I was planning my Alice in Wonderland coat, but was itching for some projects that would take less time and, more importantly, less thinking. (My Alice coat will be an amalgamation of 3 different patterns, which I will post about another time.) The conventional pattern companies didn’t really have very cute stuffed animal patterns, so I turned to Etsy. Man, there are some CUTE stuffed animal patterns on Etsy.

Mariska Vos-Bolman, the brain behind DIY Fluffies, did a fantastic job designing and testing this pattern. The pattern came as a PDF to print out, was clearly labeled, and came with instructions complete with illustrations. As a result, the elephant was a joy to sew. On Black Friday, after labwork and picking up some dress clothes for my husband on, I sat down and cranked out this purple elephant in 5 hours, from printing out the pattern to sewing the stuffing in. I then proceeded to play with my new elephant buddy for about an hour because it was so adorable. The stubby legs! The chubby body! The beady eyes! Eeee! I have not seen an elephant plushie this cute before.

On Saturday, I decided to start two more elephant buddies, a blue one for my husband (he didn’t have a say in the matter) and a yellow one for my costuming buddy. The fleur de lis on the blue one was of my own devising. Yes, we are all grown adults. I will be making more of these as gifts for my friends’ children, but I am a sucker for cute things.


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