Stuffed animal farm

…so I went a little nuts making stuffed toys over the last month. Seriously. I started sewing right after Thanksgiving and, in that 30 day span, I’ve made eight elephants, a narwhal, and an angry eyepatch penguin.

Angry eyepatch penguin is angry.

Yes, an angry eyepatch penguin. I made a blue penguin for my husband, who has a self-professed soft spot for penguins, and he wanted detachable angry eyebrows, which are easy to do with fleece or felt. They eyepatch was a gag gift from his coworker. Now that I think about it, this could be called a “pirate penguin,” but eyepatch penguin has stuck. And hey, eyepatches aren’t exclusive to pirates. A lot of goth lolis wear eyepatches too. (Eyepatch is also a very odd looking word that WordPress spellcheck doesn’t recognize. In fact, “WordPress” and “spellcheck” aren’t recognized either.)

Anyway, this is more a gallery of the sewing projects over the last month. [The narwhal was a gift from a friend =) ] If you’d like to make your own, here are links to the patterns:

DIY Fluffies’ “Love Elephant” pattern
DIY Fluffies’ “Cute Penguin” pattern
Zooguu’s Narwhal pattern

I won’t have much free sewing time over the next month since my thesis is due mid-January (?!?!?!?), but next on my project list will be my Alice coat, Megan Nielsen’s Darling Ranges pattern (a Christmas gift from my sister), or SewLolita’s baby dragon pattern. Probably the baby dragon since Chinese New Year is coming up and it will be the year of the dragon!

(Oh wow, SewLolita made a fabulous Coraline doll too!)


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