Outfoxed cell phone cover


I got a new cell phone over the weekend.  Since all I’ve had before were flip phones*, with the screen protected on the inside, I was worried about scratching it, especially since I keep my cell phone in the same pocket as my keys.  I had recently purchased some awesome “Outfoxed by Lizzy House” fabric on a whim from the local quilting store and this seemed a good chance to use some.  As opposed to me sitting there, staring at my fabric saying, “My precious cute fabric!  I’ll save you for a good project…even though I don’t know what yet.”

*Go ahead and laugh at my old fogey-dom.  While you’re at it, get off my lawn, you darn kids!


All I wanted was a simple zipper pouch, with a loop for a charm.  I’m a sucker for cute cell phone charms and my new phone doesn’t have a place to attach one.  I used this zippered pouch tutorial by Make It Perfect and this great button loop tutorial from Crafty Endeavors;, which I will most likely use for my Alice coat fastenings.  They both were fairly easy and I had my cell phone cover done within 2 hours!


I traced my phone and added 5/8″ on all sides, though I forgot about leaving a little bit more for the zipper, so it’s a bit snug.  Not a bad thing, it just looks a tad lumpy. Still, an overall decent project that serves its purpose: protects the cell phone screen, holds my rabbit bell, and the fox print makes me rather happy.





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