Xin nian kuai le!

新年快樂! Since it’s the year of the dragon, I made this little one:

Dragon with Deathcake

Aw, isn’t she adorable? She’ll get wings eventually, but I haven’t finished them yet since I tired of hand sewing tiny stiches. She’s a more appropriate 中國龍 this way too. I haven’t decided what I would like her to be holding, so I used some Cupcake Royale baby Deathcakes as props.

Tomorrow is the Lunar New Year, though it’s already hit China and one of my friends said it sounds like a warzone with all the exploding firecrackers. The celebrations haven’t really started here though. I went to Seattle’s International District and while there were a lot of people in shops (I waited 45 minutes to buy a BBQ duck! There’s usually never a line!), no real festivities. I did run into a lion dance troupe and they said to come back next week, when they’ll be going around to all the local shops. I suppose it make sense to scare away evil spirits when the new year actually starts since they could sneak back into your establishment in the 12 hours beforehand. So I will head back next week, because I love watching the lion dancers run amok.

If it doesn't stop traffic, it's not going to chase off evil spirits

Running through the produce aisle

More dragon photos:


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