T-minus 7 days

So. My Ph.D. dissertation defense is next week. Monday of next week, as in 7 days from now. I’m kind of excited because it means I get to present awesome data to my committee as well as my parents and husband, to whom I’ve never really explained what I do. I’m also kind of nervous, which means I’ve procrastinated instead of working on my defense presentation. Here, let me show you:

In the last week:
1.) Made heart macarons
2.) Gave macarons to awesome corsetmakers “Damsel in this Dress”
3.) Finished sewing 2 pairs of pajama pants, 2 pairs of pajama shorts for my sisters’ birthdays (Great practice for flat-felled seams)
4.) Did some genetic experiments (Hey, it’s procrastinating because I should be working on my presentation)
5.) Finished my ballet skirt using The Selfish Seamstress’s tutorial
6.) Made nanaimo bars
7.) Almost finished a Colette Pattern’s Jasmine shirt
8.) Worked on a Darling Ranges dress

…ooo, and I did win the Sew Grateful giveaway from Marilo of Petite Mess! That was very exciting since I’ve been wanting to try out some Burdastyle Magazine patterns. Marilo’s blog is also great because she sews wonderfully (her coats: seriously impressive) and is bilingual! Man, I can barely post in English. -_-;;

I currently don’t have the mental capacity to do anything more than a photo post with commentary, so here are some pictures! Except for the pajamas, which will be up after my sisters’ birthdays. =D

I don't really do Valentine's Day, but it was too good of a chance to decorate cookies

After baking. The trick is to getting a smooth festive macaron is to decorate with colored batter almost immediately so that the tops dry evenly. I "piped" 6 macarons at a time then immediately drew hearts on them.

Hanging out with Michelle of Damsel in this Dress. She is fabulous!

No pictures of me in the ballet skirt. Not until I get my butt back into shape.

Jasmine needs the seams and hem finished. I really like this shirt, even if it makes me look like part of the red guard. Or, according to my husband, I look like a anime school girl.

Nanaimo bar. Lots of butter. This piece is 1"x1"x2"

Most of this will be going to my labmates/labs on my floor. Because my arteries are weeping as they look at the remaining 8"x8" pan.

Thoughts on these nanaimo bars:
1.) Rich. I can feel my cardiovascular system clogging while I eat one. Delicious.
2.) A bit thick. I used this recipe I found on Cakespy’s blog, which recommended the 8″x8″ pan. While delicious, the bars were difficult to cut and a tad difficult to bite. I think using a 9″x12″ pan will be better, except double the custard part.
3.) My friend made these last week and told me to reduce the coconut, which I did and think it’s a vast improvement.
4.) Nanaimo bars are delicious, but they took me about 2 hours to make, which is about how long I take for a batch of macarons. Between nanaimo bars and macarons, I will have to default to macarons.
5.) Overall, a tasty experiment. I’m sure my coworkers will be happy tomorrow.


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