Elephant for a baby shower

Freaking adorable.

Oh yes, I also made an elephant for my friends’ baby shower last week. The father is a guy I’ve known since elementary school and, man, we never would have predicted him to be a father. (Uhm, I mean predicted during high school, not during elementary school.) But he’s evolved into an great guy and his wife is pretty awesome as well! Another one of my elementary school buddies flew up from LA to organize their baby shower. She made me do the balloon pregnancy race, which I may never forgive her for. =P (Just kidding! I could never stay mad at her.)

The horror!


Submitted dissertation and a “seifuku-esque” Jasmine

I really like cherry blossoms, so what?

I submitted my dissertation about 30 minutes ago! *phew* Finally! It’s a little late, but I also wrote a fellowship application too last week and, to be honest, the prospect of getting a funded postdoctoral position was a stronger motivator than … writing something that no one else will read. It’s sad, but really, no one will read my dissertation. Oh, people will (and have) read the papers I published using my dissertation research, but not the actual document. But still, it’s great to cross “Finish thesis” off of my “To do” list.

Anyway, over the weekend I finally finished my version of Colette Pattern’s Jasmine blouse! “Seifuku” is the term for a Japanese school uniform and my completed shirt…really does make me look like a Japanese student, at least with this styling. But then again, I tend to gravitate toward outfits like this. =) Since the cherry blossom trees were blooming in the UW Quadrangle and the sun was out, I took a break on Sunday for some pictures.
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Sakura-con: T-minus 7 days

Rathalos gauntlet, Barioth gauntlet, and Barioth upper arm armor.

Things have been slow on my sewing front, mostly from my thesis, but also because I’m helping my friends get ready for Sakura-con. Which means cranking out costume armor pieces. Anyway, if you’d like to see what I’ve/we’ve been up to, we put a blog in attempt to document the process…though the updates have been really spotty since I’m the main updater, and you know what that has meant for my blog. =)

Sweatshop 202: Costuming Limbo

Other things going on….

Since my husband is distracted with downloading free books for the Kindle (and not using the computer to play Dragon Age), I thought I would use this time to post photos of other things I’ve been up to. And, being somewhat mentally lazy, this is a photo-bomb with captions post. Not terribly exciting or relevant aside from distracting me from work. =)

Sunrise over Mount Ranier from the UW campus.

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Sew grateful sweater


I received this fantastic package from Maril√≥ of Petite Mess from her Sew Grateful giveaway about a month ago….and like a terrible blogger, didn't post about it until now because, you know, dissertation and stuff. But it was such a lovely surprise to open the package and find the Burdastyle magazines lovingly wrapped in printed fabric and hot pink bias tape. (I need to figure out something fun to make with these!)

Thank you so much, Mariló! I am incredibly delighted and very humbled by your generosity! ^__________^
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1001 Peeps Kindle cover

I have bibiophilia. My book collecting is approaching a stage where I could start a library and loan out books to people. There is almost nothing I love doing more than curling up with hot chocolate and a favorite novel.

I was completely averse to ebook readers ever since they appeared on the market, especially Amazon’s Kindle. Really, “Kindle”? Am I the only one who immediately thought of Fahrenheit 451? Perhaps, as a bibliophile, I’m more sensitive to these things. Whenever someone suggested that I look into an e-book reader, I would snarl and give them the stink-eye while clutching my treasured paper tomes to my chest. My precious….

Fast forward to last week when my labmates got me a Kindle as a dissertation defense present. Uh oh:

I can take Cleolinda's ebook with me!

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