1001 Peeps Kindle cover

I have bibiophilia. My book collecting is approaching a stage where I could start a library and loan out books to people. There is almost nothing I love doing more than curling up with hot chocolate and a favorite novel.

I was completely averse to ebook readers ever since they appeared on the market, especially Amazon’s Kindle. Really, “Kindle”? Am I the only one who immediately thought of Fahrenheit 451? Perhaps, as a bibliophile, I’m more sensitive to these things. Whenever someone suggested that I look into an e-book reader, I would snarl and give them the stink-eye while clutching my treasured paper tomes to my chest. My precious….

Fast forward to last week when my labmates got me a Kindle as a dissertation defense present. Uh oh:

I can take Cleolinda's ebook with me!

Meet “Torahime,” who I named after Momohime’s dead/ghost sister from Muramasa. I was trying to be clever and allude to something that is not quite part of our world anymore, which reflects how I feel about ebooks. And also because she’s kind of awesome.

(From Creative Uncut.)

Oh dear, my anti-ebook stance dissolved when my labmates pointed out 3 benefits of the Kindle:

1.) Library ebooks. No only is the waitlist smaller for ebooks, but they get automatically sent to my Kindle. I love libraries, but I often don’t have time to pick up books that I had reserved thanks to decreased library hours due to budget constraints and my grad student work hours.

2.) Free classics that are over 100 years old (copyright expired). My friend downloaded Sir Arthur Conan Doyles “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” for me, the first book on my Kindle. Oooo. I keep meaning to catch up on my classics and this is a good way to do so. It’s also a good way to preview books before adding them to my collection since I have issues giving/selling books from my library(see: hoarding problems).

3.) Ebooks that I would have to read on the computer. I like reading things on the computer, but I would prefer to lounge on the couch in odd positions. But Cleolinda’s and Mark Reads’ ebooks are things that I would love to catch up on and the Kindle make it easy to do so and means I can buy more things from two of my favorite bloggers! And CS Friedman just released her Coldfire novella on ebook, which I also just purchased.

I will still always love books and the Kindle will never fully replace my bibliophilia. But it does have its uses and I’m growing attached to the convenience.

Anyway, since I’m always paranoid about wrecking my electronics, I quickly made a cover for my Kindle using Lizzy House’s “1001 Peeps” fabric using Chica and Jo’s Kindle cover tutorial. Their instructions are great and I had a complete cover in two hours, including traipsing over to the bookstore to pick up a sheet of chipboard. I used elastic hair ties for the holders and then some closure elastic that I had left from my Darling Ranges dress…it’s not terribly durable, but I will replace the closure with ribbon if it gives up the ghost. The charm loop was added for the Toki Doki soya friend I got when my husband treated me to gelato and a visit to the Sock Monster right after my defense. (As an aside, I love the Sock Monster and the people who work there. The sock aficionado referred to the Toki Dokis as “toy crack.” She’s totally correct.)

…in retrospect, I think I may want a cover that opens like a book. Which should be pretty easy to adapt. And I have most of the poster-sized chipboard left…


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