Other things going on….

Since my husband is distracted with downloading free books for the Kindle (and not using the computer to play Dragon Age), I thought I would use this time to post photos of other things I’ve been up to. And, being somewhat mentally lazy, this is a photo-bomb with captions post. Not terribly exciting or relevant aside from distracting me from work. =)

Sunrise over Mount Ranier from the UW campus.

Armor-making workshop with friends. It's crunchtime for Sakuracon!

Monster Hunter armor pieces, though not mine. Mine will be modeled from from a daimyo-hermitaur, a giant crab.

Seattle Chinese cultural community walkathon. I admit, I came here for the t-shirts, but a 3 mile walk with lion dancers was quite nice.

Morning mist over Lake Union in Seattle.

A beautiful, if chilly, day at the Physical and Chemical Sciences building at my alma mater. I was invited to give a seminar here on Tuesday, 8 days after my dissertation defense. ...I hope I did ok...

There is nothing quite like jump-starting nostalgia than a trip to the college's dining hall...only to realize the haunting feeling is eating at a table an not seeing any of your friends around. But still, lovely and tranquil. The bacon scones were also tasty.

This display exhibits how much food wasted is generated by the dining hall each...day? Yes, I went to a hippie college. Anyway, the cool part is that every reduction in food waste is translated to a equal donation to the local foodbank.

Biology basement laboratories, where I spent a good amount of time my undergraduate senior year. Except all the labs have been rearranged and those freezers are totally new. They also replaced the couch.

Sunset from the train. I love to imagine clouds as dragons.


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