Sew grateful sweater


I received this fantastic package from Mariló of Petite Mess from her Sew Grateful giveaway about a month ago….and like a terrible blogger, didn't post about it until now because, you know, dissertation and stuff. But it was such a lovely surprise to open the package and find the Burdastyle magazines lovingly wrapped in printed fabric and hot pink bias tape. (I need to figure out something fun to make with these!)

Thank you so much, Mariló! I am incredibly delighted and very humbled by your generosity! ^__________^

Inside the fabric were two Spanish Burdastyle magazines: January 2011 and a Plus Burdastyle with some really flattering patterns. Hm. Maybe I can scale them down. I really do like a lot of patterns in these issues, but I just wanted to highlight some fun points from these issues from these issues first.

Incidentally, the January 2011 was the first Burdastyle magazine that I read about on Selfish Seamstress’s preview, which I call the “Infamous Hammerpants Issue.” Heehee:

How is this flattering again?

And if I ever need to make an octopus costume a la “Love Actually,” I can always turn to “Paulo the Pulpo:”

"The octopus costume's taken me months. Eight is a lot o' legs, David."

The Burda Plus issue had some really lovely dresses, like this sultry crimson one. (May also be colored by my Chinese love of red garments.)

But it’s really this knit top (Burda 01/2011 129) that caught my eye, also because I bought 2 yards of rose sweater knit on a whim from Fabric Mart even though I didn’t have a purpose for it. ($2 a yard? Yes, thank you.) While I’m not really a “pink” garment wearing person, I decided to make one over the weekend because I wanted a fun and easy project. (Yay, no seam finishes for knits!)

That is a lot of lines...Tracing the pattern onto plastic sheeting. I highly recommend plastic dropcloth (3mil thickness) for pattern tracing needs!

Plastic sleeve pattern.

There are a couple things I would change to the pattern (extend the bottom hem by 2-3″, lengthen the sleeves by an inch, widen the neckpiece by an inch, take the horizontal front piece in by an inch on both sides, etc), but overall it’s a flattering pattern for me. Even in pink. I will probably make a better fitting one since I still have half of the sweater knit left!

Not a terribly flattering shot, but I had gotten my photographer (husband) sick with the same cold, so he wasn't feeling up to good photography. Maybe some other time.


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