Submitted dissertation and a “seifuku-esque” Jasmine

I really like cherry blossoms, so what?

I submitted my dissertation about 30 minutes ago! *phew* Finally! It’s a little late, but I also wrote a fellowship application too last week and, to be honest, the prospect of getting a funded postdoctoral position was a stronger motivator than … writing something that no one else will read. It’s sad, but really, no one will read my dissertation. Oh, people will (and have) read the papers I published using my dissertation research, but not the actual document. But still, it’s great to cross “Finish thesis” off of my “To do” list.

Anyway, over the weekend I finally finished my version of Colette Pattern’s Jasmine blouse! “Seifuku” is the term for a Japanese school uniform and my completed shirt…really does make me look like a Japanese student, at least with this styling. But then again, I tend to gravitate toward outfits like this. =) Since the cherry blossom trees were blooming in the UW Quadrangle and the sun was out, I took a break on Sunday for some pictures.

We were married where I'm standing!

I made this version my own by 1.) using stiffer fabrics than the ones recommended and 2.) shortening the sleeves. I have enjoyed seeing all the delicate versions of Jasmine, but I personally feel awkward wearing fabrics that I have to worry about. (I’m some what accident prone and tend to bump into inanimate objects.) I made this version using linen/polyester fabrics leftover from my Lisette Market skirt, which I should write about one day. Double yay, I get to reduce my fabric horde!

Yes, it really does look like a Japanese school uniform. But if I wear this shirt with anything else, I either look like a camp counselor or a ...political youth.

As for the sleeves, I thought the length was a bit mature and lady-like for me, at least for right now. So I just shortened the main sleeve piece and lengthened the armband to match, which I think worked splendidly. I really love the design (no buttons/zippers!) and am planning to make at least one more in a more versatile color scheme.

I made my husband take this photo so the notched sleeve was showing, even though I was really embarrassing him by looking like a anime character in the middle of the crowded quadrangle. The things we do for love.

The sakura were not quite in full bloom, but the sunshine made up for them.

Cherry blossom season is really one of my favorite times of the year. After the gradual descent into winter, the cotton-candy sakura and the candy-yellow daffodils seems like a reward for sticking out the drab months. And pink trees always remind of Dr. Seuss.
Go ahead and stamp my otaku/weeaboo card. I’m too busy enjoying the fleeting nature of the sakura.

Lots of Asians =)

Anyway, thank you to my husband, who I dragged out of bed into the sunlight over the weekend! It really was a beautiful day…at least for a couple hours. And then the rain clouds blew in… but it is Seattle. You learn to take advantage of nice weather when you can. =)

Yes, I made him get up and go outside to take photographs for me with a lot of people around.

The statue of Washington faces west, toward the Olympic mountains.

Apple blossoms near the libraries


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