“OH HAI THAR” dragon

"Oh hai...."

Oops, sorry about the hiatus. The last three weeks went like this:

April week 2: Caught plague from Sakuracon. And then both Monday and Tuesday were both 14 hour experiment days. Stupid old cells.
April week 3: Still recovering from plague, but diving back in.

I did get a bit of sewing in, since my friends and I had a plushie sweatshop the weekend after Sakuracon in order to take a break from armor making. It was fun taking some time to make cute things. My friends and I have to admit our desire to buy plushies at Sakuracon was drastically reduced by the constant thought of “Hm, I bet I could make that.” Our wallets were much happier.

A scene from plushie Sweatshop 202

Plushies in progress

Guys weren't interested in plushies and were planning their art classes instead

Anyway, onto this dragon…I don’t have a name for him yet, but he’s from DIY Fluffies Yoki the fat dragon pattern. I didn’t win their raffle, but I wanted to make him anyway. I also have a request for their whale from another friend, and that will be upcoming. But for now, here is the new dragon in all his glory/cuteness:

There's a dragon now lurking in the computer alcove...

For scale. He's not a terribly big dragon.

For scale also. He fits in the palm of my hand! Also, I may have overstuffed his body, since I don't get the nice scaling like I do with the tail.

I did bring him to my friends’ sketch party last night and they were all very impressed. And I got quite a few dragon requests… we’ll see about that, he took me a good 10 hours to finish. Only if I have a lot of spare time.

I have to work on my sister’s skirt next. I’ve been putting it off due to the trepidation of pre-treating wool fabric.


4 thoughts on ““OH HAI THAR” dragon

  1. I love how your fluffies ( I don’t know if this is the correct word) look. I’m not able to make them look that way, so tight, so full. They look like if they were deflating.

  2. Aw, thanks! Fluffies is a good word to use. I always put too much stuffing into my fluffies, but I think that helps them keep their shape. Floppy ones are very adorable too. You should put up a picture of one on your site!

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