Scenes from Sakuracon

Monsieur French Toast crossing the street

I was a bit underwhelmed at this year’s Sakuracon, but I’m not exactly sure why. I think it’s because I usually go for the costumes and my standards are now higher due to working on the monster hunter armor. Or because I was listless from coming down with what I will dub the “Sakuracon plague” from not sleeping properly for a week: runny nose, constant sneezing, coughing, FATIGUE. My friend’s outfit still came out AWESOME though.

My friend's armor at Sakuracon

As a side note, I find that costume-making is incredibly creative and geek/nerd culture is naturally exuberant. You have people wanting to share their excitement with other enthusiasts, something that they aren’t able to at home/school/daily life. The energy level is intoxicating as you wander around, watching people enjoy themselves. And fairly safe since volunteers and security officers are peppered throughout the convention.

Yet I see a lot of revulsion and, well, fear from the general populace in response to conventions. A comment from one of my cousins was “i am very confused but still kinda wondering if this is intended for small children or hermits who never leave their own bedroom.” And while part of it is true, I was shocked because I had a lot of fun and I’m not terribly hermitic/socially awkward. It’s not terribly different from being enthusiastic at socially-sanctioned sporting events or Disneyland. Heck, my adult friends still love going to Disneyland and taking pictures with characters. Except that the characters at convention have MADE THEIR OWN COSTUMES. They aren’t getting paid to do this. They enjoy the whole process. Costumers/cosplayers aren’t hurting people or rioting. Most of them are girls! And hey, isn’t the world is better for having people who enjoy creating costumes, artwork, music, friendship?

Ok, sorry about the rant. I’m going to chalk it up to “fear of the unknown” and “not wanting to expend the effort to understand.” I know it’s not for everyone, but you can’t tell me that the costumes below aren’t cool and out of the ordinary:

Black Mage Yuna from FFX-2!

Saber from Fate/Stay

Link playing the ocarina

The Prospector and BoPeep from Toy Story!

Ganondorf goes in search for Link

The only way my husband beat Ganondorf in "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" was to use a shiny fishing lure to distract him.

Aw, a wee Predator! Wee, I say!

I don't know what this duck thing was, but it was pretty cute.

Suckerpunch photo op! That guy looks pretty excited

Suckerpunch again. They were pretty popular at the con.

Scene from a hotel lobby

That said, I’m going to be hypocritical here since I’m still trying to find it it my heart to not despise furries. There were an awful lot of furries at this year’s Sakuracon. On Saturday, much to our chagrin, my friends and I found ourselves in the midst of a furry parade. D: Sill, I’m trying to listen to XKCD and not turn into the furry inquisition. They’re costumers too and there was cool snow leopard one….

There's a furry! D: Must...not...kill it...with fire...

So I guess I still had a fun time. And hey, we got to try on this headband where the ears respond to your brain waves. Oh, Japan…

Cat ears are outside the furry category.


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