Ballerina-inspired sewing ideas

For all my concern about my sewing projects being too feminine, I have wanted to make a ballerina-like skirt for a long time. When I was in college, I saw a lady walking in downtown Portland wearing a black blouse and the most beautiful, flowing knee-length chiffon skirt. I haven’t been able to find a skirt or skirt pattern quite like the one I saw all those years ago.

I’ve been periodically musing about making a chiffon skirt, but hadn’t found good inspiration for one for a while. And then I was noodling around the internets recently and visited Jessica’s “Hapa Time” fashinon blog. I think she’s beautiful (even if I feel insecure in my self-image for a bit afterwards) and her Chiffon Cross aquamarine dress from in Love with Fashion caught my eye. Uhm, I hope this isn’t too creepy:

Photo from "Hapa Time:"

She is wearing one handsome dress with the right amount of flowy chiffon without the frou-frou flouncy tutus of other ballerina dresses. However, I have had bad luck buying dresses that I’ve never tried on (ie. Modcloth dabbling disasters). Whoa, could I possibly make something similar? It looks like a fairly simple design: 2-layer 3/4 circle skirt, waistband, back bands, and v-necked bodice. The bodice would be the trickiest part to fit, but it’s refreshingly simple.

I also found a Mango Wrap Ballerina Skirt by ASOS which hits some of the major characteristics of what I was thinking of, but not as mandible dropping. Still, it’s a skirt to consider.

Mango Wrap Ballerina Skirt by ASOS

So I think, once I finally get my sister’s skirt done, I might start with making a chiffon 3/4 circle skirt. If that looks good, I’ll try my hand at making a ballerina dress!


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