May the Fourth be with you, always

Matcha Yodas, vegan (*shudder*) Vaders, and blue milk!

Being the huge STAR WARS nerd that I am, I’m a bit embarrassed to say that this is the first time I’ve ever done something for May the 4th. Perhaps all this free time is going to my brain! (Sarcasm. I don’t have more free time.) Williams-Sonoma, the fancy-schmancy cooking store, surprisingly has Star Wars utensils like cookie cutters and this Stormtrooper Spatula that I’ve had my eye on for a while. (I’m supposed to wait for my birthday.) But I picked these cookie cutters up because they were on sale for Christmas! I also have the X-wing/TIE fighter/Millenium Falcon/Death star set as well, but haven’t had a good excuse to use them yet.

I used Just Jenn’s Yoda Oreo recipe and her vegan Jawa cookie recipe. I found I had to use a lot more oil and water to get the vegan batter cookies to stay together. Stupid vegan* cookies. [My husband and I always look pained when we discover our food has been veganized. Doesn’t taste quite right.]

*Why vegan Vaders? I’m heading to see “Mark Reads” in Seattle today and I wanted to bake him some cookies! The vegan Vader cookies actually taste decent and chocolatey. I’ve had worse cookies. And I’m super excited to see Mark in person!

But anyway, may the force be with you!

Cutting out Vaders. I dipped the cookie cutters in powdered sugar each time to keep them from sticking.

I find your lack of eggs disturbing.

Baked Vaders were a bit puffy.

Green Yodas!

A lot of Yodas


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