Lisette Market skirt

I finished my version of the Lisette Market skirt last year in August…? When it was done, I wondered if I would ever wear it since it wasn’t really a cold weather skirt. It sat in my closet throughout the fall/winter. But I found that I enjoy wearing it when it’s warmer out, more classy than my usual shorts/socks. =)

I chose a red linen/poly fabric since I like red and wanted flashy white insets since it reminded me of this yeast experiment I was working on at the time (red/white sectoring. Nerd.) But now I wonder if it looks too much like Mickey Mouse. Hm.

It’s a trap!

The cookies were well received by the scientists on my floor and were gone quickly! I like this note that a disappointed cookie quester left for me.

Also, my labmate brought me daffodils from her garden! They remind me of my mom since she loves flowers. Happy Mother’s day!


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