New recruits for the fabric horde

So….Fabric Mart had a really good deal on “Midnight navy wool gabardine,” a pretty blue chiffon, and a poly lining. While I’m sad that they ran out of the slate blue sandwashed silk ($4/yard?!?!) before the uniform cloth went on sale, my wallet is happier for it. Fabric Mart is a wonderful source for fabric since I believe they acquire a lot of designer fabric, which goes on sale for fantastic prices. And I lurk there a lot, especially when I have something in mind. I may or may not have an addiction.

Persuasion (1995). Screen cap from

I’ve been specifically on the lookout for navy wool gabardine ever since I’ve watched the 1995 production of “Persuasion” with Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds, who makes a dashing Captain Wentworth. The British navy’s uniforms during the Napoleonic era appeal to me, in particular the undress coat with tails. Forget Regency gowns with their empire waists, I want to wear a frock coat! And there are some similarities to Alice’s coat. More on this later.

The blue chiffon is for eventually attempting a ballerina dress.

Huh, it really is “Uniform cloth.” Also, brass buttons I found on Etsy.

The wool gabardine is labeled truly labeled “Uniform cloth.” I wonder if its used to make police or marine uniforms. I’ve already located the 34 brass buttons needed for the coat! As an aside, Ebay and Etsy are great places to find brass buttons. I tried sourcing them from a U.S. manufacturer that makes a lot of buttons (they have some really neat ones on their website), but they were not helpful at all.

I really need to stop buying fabric and actually start working on projects. =) Anyway, sorry for the blogging hiatus. Lab experiments have been quite demanding over the last 3 weekes, to the extent that I started to forget what day of the week it is, especially since I have to go in every day during this holiday weekend. /whining. Oh, and I almost forgot: a squirrel made its way into our apartment through the ceiling on Monday. Ceiling has been fixed, but we are planning to move soon as well. So, in short: too much fabric, not enough time to sew!

They look cute, but I wouldn’t want to live with one


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