Why do all these things happen at the same time?


So, what’s up? How are you? I’m fine…a little burnt out… I’m starting postdoctoral fellowship next month (at the UW! Just moving labs across town), leaving my lab, trying to cram in more experiments for my latest paper, creating a research poster for a conference in two weeks, heading on a two week holiday starting Thursday, starting the home-buying process, trying to finish up the Monster Hunter armor for Anime Expo at the end of this week, and trying to get in contact with friends… *twitchy eye* I’ll be fine…

I figured I might as well post a quick picture of a quick project since I’ll be traveling to California for the next two weeks. I have lots of other things, but lack the brain power to process things right now. Anyway, my sister and her significant other were visiting Seattle last week and I made her this owl tank top using Colette’s Sorbetto pattern. It came together really quickly and my sister was impressed that I mostly finished it on her last day here. I didn’t have navy bias tape, so that’s why it’s still hanging around here. Hopefully I’ll be able to send it out to New York tomorrow with some Secret Aardvark Trading Company Habanero hot sauce. Good stuff.

Owls! (insert “RLY” joke here)

Hope your summer is going well!


Alice coat revelation

The historical costumers/re-enactors in the audience will probably laugh at me for this, but for the longest time I couldn’t figure out what was going with the shoulder seam on Alice’s coat. Most shoulder seams that I have seen are straight across the top of the shoulder; the seams in Alice’s coat slope diagonally from her neck DOWN HER BACK. I first assumed the normal horizontal seam was still there with some bizarre triangle piece draping backwards.

Me: What is going on here?

In doing some research on Napoleonic Era British naval uniforms, I borrowed Nora Waugh’s The Cut of Men’s Clothes from the library. Her book really is a fantastic resource for any sort of historical tailoring, ranging from Renaissance to Victorian, and I highly recommend it! I found a lot of Regency Era designs and I think I have a basic idea of how I want to draft my naval uniform (more to come later when I actually get started.)

I then came across this schematic for a Victorian era frock coat:

A revelation! From “The Cut of Men’s Clothes” by Norah Waugh.

Oh my glob*, you guys. Alice’s coat is based off a men’s Victorian frock coat, appropriate for her personality the era and in which the movie was set. That shoulder seam: an extension from the front panel with a sloping back panel. I think there is one more slim panel in the back to give the bodice a little more shaping and more volume for the skirt, as well as the collar adjustment, but it is definitely a similar style. Not that it really needs to be said, but kudos to Colleen Atwood for her attention to detail!

I’ll get around to this project…eventually…one of these days… after I finish reading Brandon Sanderson’s The Alloy of Law

(*Lumpy Space Princess. From the cartoon “Adventure Time,” which is unsuspectingly witty and addictive.)