Tsuru messenger bag

TsuruWhile I’m at it, here is my Tsuru messenger that I made way back in June. (I have a backlog of unblogged projects.) I fell head over heels for Rashida Coleman Hale’s Tsuru fabric line and wanted to make something that I could use often, though I do also want to use the remaining bits for a quilt. I wanted a new day satchel and Aleah’s No Time To Sew Messenger bag tutorial seem to fit the bill: simple, easy to sew, and is a useful size for non-work jaunts. It didn’t take me too long either, maybe about 5 hours from start to finish?
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Colette Patterns Cooper: Vulpes familiaris

Fox.  Fox fox fox.

Fox. Fox fox fox.

Otherwise known as “The sewing project that shortened my telomeres” (see: Blackburn Lab research such as this) or “This is why you shouldn’t start sewing leather without checking your sewing machine’s capabilities.” But hey, rational thought hasn’t stopped me previously! I now have an adorable backpack. The pattern itself is well designed, easy to understand and construct, though I did find the extra “Cooper Companion” to be useful when I didn’t want to brain.

I had been thinking about making a new carrier for Petra (my Asus laptop) over the last couple months. My current bag is a Speck bag from my dad, which just barely fits my laptop, her charger, a mouse, and a few papers. I do really like the Speck, but if I wanted to bring anything else (such as lunch, a lot of papers, a book, a knitting project), I would have to bring another bag along. Which is what I had been doing, but I have to admit wrangling two bags and an umbrella was getting old. I still have affection for my “Carry ALL THE THINGS” REI-esque backpack, but I thought it was overkill for my postdoc position since I’m not hustling between classes anymore. Also, I tend to stuff things in there and forget about them. (At least it was granola bars and not fruit.)

Fast forward to a month ago when Colette Patterns announced a new pattern: Cooper, a pattern that could be adapted for a messenger bag, backpack, and satchel. I liked Cooper’s clean design that looked effortlessly customizable and that did not seem too bulky. And hey, they were having a sewalong contest, which was devilishly convenient. I spent a bit of time crudely mocking up ideas in Photoshop.

Right side are bag images from Pansy Maiden, the collaborators with Colette pattenrs

Project brainstorming. Right side are bag images from Pansy Maiden, who designed Cooper with Colette patterns. I liked how their bags hold umbrellas

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