Charlie tunic & penguin for Lily the firebrand


Appropriate gifts for a girl of two years?

Wow, I have really fallen off the blogging train over the last year and I’m not certain why… I always photograph things that I make and think of comments to write….just never get around to actually posting.  Maybe it’s data related: I’ve been going through a data slump recently because I’ve been optimizing a protocol, which just doesn’t satisfy me as much as testing hypotheses.  My friend calls me a “data junkie,” which I guess refers to the euphoric feeling I get when I get a great result, so maybe I post more when I’m feeling more productive.

I’m also going to unjustly scapegoat knitting: I’m a slow knitter and simple knitting projects take exponentially longer than complex sewing projects.  Cabled hat for a friend: 1 month.  My red mage outfit, complete with corset, belt, and hats: 1 month. *sigh*

But anyway, do you have the time to listen to me whine?  Probably not. =)


Yep, ’twas autumn in Seattle

My friends’ daughter Lily turned two back in the autumn, which is when I finished up her birthday presents: a Charlie tunic dress and a purple penguin (I think it’s always nice to include a toy and a non-toy item in a kid’s gift).  I also threw the pattern for Green Bee’s Lily dress because I thought it was oddly appropriate.  Anyway, Lily is amazing: she is preternaturally intelligent (her parents are geniuses in my eyes), bold, knows her own mind. and  Really, firebrand.  Oh, and cute to boot.

My friend commented that she had a difficult time finding lightweight summer dresses to protect Lily’s Scandinavian-ancestry skin from the sun.  Hm….oh really? *steeples fingers* I know, I know, I could have actually made the *Lily* pattern, but the Charlie tunic came to mind since it was cuter and, er, more earthy….I don’t know, we all attended college in Portland, which rubs off on you.

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