Charlie tunic & penguin for Lily the firebrand


Appropriate gifts for a girl of two years?

Wow, I have really fallen off the blogging train over the last year and I’m not certain why… I always photograph things that I make and think of comments to write….just never get around to actually posting.  Maybe it’s data related: I’ve been going through a data slump recently because I’ve been optimizing a protocol, which just doesn’t satisfy me as much as testing hypotheses.  My friend calls me a “data junkie,” which I guess refers to the euphoric feeling I get when I get a great result, so maybe I post more when I’m feeling more productive.

I’m also going to unjustly scapegoat knitting: I’m a slow knitter and simple knitting projects take exponentially longer than complex sewing projects.  Cabled hat for a friend: 1 month.  My red mage outfit, complete with corset, belt, and hats: 1 month. *sigh*

But anyway, do you have the time to listen to me whine?  Probably not. =)


Yep, ’twas autumn in Seattle

My friends’ daughter Lily turned two back in the autumn, which is when I finished up her birthday presents: a Charlie tunic dress and a purple penguin (I think it’s always nice to include a toy and a non-toy item in a kid’s gift).  I also threw the pattern for Green Bee’s Lily dress because I thought it was oddly appropriate.  Anyway, Lily is amazing: she is preternaturally intelligent (her parents are geniuses in my eyes), bold, knows her own mind. and  Really, firebrand.  Oh, and cute to boot.

My friend commented that she had a difficult time finding lightweight summer dresses to protect Lily’s Scandinavian-ancestry skin from the sun.  Hm….oh really? *steeples fingers* I know, I know, I could have actually made the *Lily* pattern, but the Charlie tunic came to mind since it was cuter and, er, more earthy….I don’t know, we all attended college in Portland, which rubs off on you.

I wanted to reflect Lily’s sunny disposition (her mom thinks Lily looks good in yellow), so I found a 100% cotton men’s dress shirt at Goodwill and then found a cute orange print at the Quilting Loft.  Yeah, I must have looked kind of creepy toting around that dress shirt around the fabric shop, holding it up to all the fabric shelves.  Lucky for me that the ladies there are familiar with my idiosyncrasies.


Not much to tell about the construction. I did have one goof where I sliced into the sleeve, covered with a patch.  I hope it holds up and isn’t too itchy.  The Charlie pattern is really lovely and I kind of started wanting to make others.  My friends did send me a photo of her in the dress, so maybe I can ask them if she’d like another…. =D


The penguin is good ol’ DIY Fluffies’ Penguin pattern in Lily’s favorite color, purple.  (I didn’t add eyelashes this time.)  Aw, penguins…


Penguin butt

Penguin butt


4 thoughts on “Charlie tunic & penguin for Lily the firebrand

  1. I keep telling myself I need to finish posting some of my projects, then I get distracted again. I’ve got the majority of a post from last July that I forgot to finish (we’ll blame having my exchange student for 4 weeks on that one.) and stumbled across while reading your blog. Oops. Either way, your projects look fantastic, and I love the idea of you wandering around the fabric store with a men’s shirt.

    • Haha, there’s no pressure to post, though I would love to see what you were up to! I know though, I have this post about my Eowyn dress just sitting in my drafts, but it’s been difficult to muster the gumption to actually put it together. And most of my photos are on Art’s computer. =)

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