Knitting bag for a Norwegian


Ah, Unofficial Harry Potter Knits. One day, I will tackle your Tapestry vest

Tangentially related to the previous post: I’ve been sewing knitting project bags!  This one is for another college friend who was sorely disappointed that, as a Norwegian, she wouldn’t be able to get her hands on the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits.  So I covertly connected with her husband and got it to her for her birthday!  I wanted to send a little something else to, so I made her this knitting bag.  Again, we went to college in Portland and this “Birdie Spokes” fabric seemed apt. =)


Uhm, my skin looks mottled due to the sunlight filtered through a screen. It’s not contagious. =)

I found that I like having pockets inside my projected to hold needles, a folded pattern, and my tube of tapestry needles/stitch markers.


Recognize the pocket fabric?  Yep, I used the leftover fabric from Lily’s dress (mainly the uneven shirt hem) for pockets.  It’s a fairly simple addition and I stitched some thin pockets for DPNs.