I do my little turn on the catwalk

See?  Cat walk.

See? Cat walk.

I guess it’s time for some cat spam, seeing as our kittens have been with us for three months.  Morrigan is the our tuxedo girl and she’s the brave, slippery, “I really want to be picked up but will never admit it” kitty. The tabby boy is Alistair and he is a love bug. He’ll start meowing and batting at your leg, but all he wants is to be picked up and draped on your shoulder. He is high energy though and we think he’s part Egyptian mau since he chirps and ‘mrrp’s as he runs around. They actually like going outside with harnesses, but that’s more to do with being outside. They tolerate the harnesses because it’s their passport to the outdoors. It was pretty funny when we first put them on since the cats looked like they forgot how their legs worked and stiffly fell over. Legs worked just fine when they got outside.

Sewing and knitting with them has been a bit challenging since they like to “help out:”  Sitting on my fabric, chasing the pen across the painter’s plastic as I try to trace a pattern, batting at fabric while I’m trying to iron, crawling behind my sewing machine while I’m there… and let’s not get into knitting.


But I’m still getting stuff finished, like this “Northern Line” sweater by Alex Tinsley for RetroLemon’s stripey sweater KAL.  And my Tania culottes (red not-skirt) that I sewed for Irish dance class.

Speaking of RetroLemon, I knitted up her “Frances the Sock-wearing Fox” for me. Just because I wear a lot of socks and I have a lot of fox things. =)

The Tania culottes are very wearable and gets mistaken for a skirt all the time, even got a compliment from the cutest-dressing girl in our department. However, it doesn’t fly up in the crucial center area while doing jump-2-3s in my dance class, so that’s a win. There is a weird fit issue with the culottes where they look better if I wear them backwards, but that may be due to odd shaping of my lower abdomen/butt, I don’t know.

I made the culottes back in July? Sewing the culottes was pretty straightforward up until the seam finishing. Since I was using a fraying peachskin fabric, I ended up doing faux french seams, which was a major pain since the fabric didn’t press well at all. And this pretty much made me decide that I really wanted a serger. Yep.


The sweater is one I’ve wanted to knit since it first came out, except that it took me a long time since I poorly swatched for gauge. I started in July and the top turned out too big, so I ripped it out and rage quit until September. The fit is still a little funky, but it’s totally wearable. And yes, I learned my less: swatch well for sweaters.

Anyway, more cat spam!


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