Treble Reel & drills

Hop-cut-back (right) rally front (right) back rally (left) back rally (left) rally front (right) back rally(left) back rally (left)

Rally front step step, down-kick-land, down-kick-land, step, jump cut turn (like figure skating jump)


Why are your pupils so dilated, Mr. Kitty?


“not skips”:  Down-kick-land Down-kick-land (right foot jumps down, kick forward with left foot, land on left foot).  Force the downward jump.  Not floaty skips (too slow)

Back rally:  goal is to get rallying foot under the standing heel.  Similar motions to back toe.  Go on demi point as back for rallies behind.  Have to bend slightly forward.

For back toe: tuck back knee behind front knee.  Goal is overlapping completely


I was desperate for Chinese food after coming back from Arizona


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