Getting back into costuming

As Emerald City Comicon is coming up, I’ve found that my enthusiasm for making costumes has come back. After going dormant for…4 years. No, wait, I did make one “costume” (Anya’s dress for a wedding, never blogged) and C. elegans costume for a friend, which was worn by a Nobel laureate, how cool is that?!?


…Is that…is that Craig Mello on the right?  Oh my glob, it is

Then my dilemma became: “Crap. What do I make first?” Because there all 3 that I want to make immediately: Arwen’s Chase Coat, Rey’s Jedi Steps outfit, and Zoe & Wash from Firefly.  Because Nathan Fillion will be at Emerald City, though Sean Astin will be there too, so we could do Arwen/Aragorn.  I asked my friends on Facebook and the consensus seemed to be Zoe & Wash, mostly seemingly because my friends like cute couples cosplay. (Didn’t offer to have Art dress as Aragorn though.)


The options: Arwen, Rey, Wash&Zoe.  I’m pretty sure Nathan Fillion will be clothed.

It might actually be a good thing to hold off on Rey’s outfit until the DVD comes out.  I did buy 2 wool jackets from Goodwill though, so I am looking forward to that.  Arwen has been in the works for like…7 years.  I have all the supplies and a plan, just never got around to making her Chase coat.

Still, Zoe & Wash will probably be the easiest because it will mostly be found pieces.  Art’s costume was easy: I found a good Hawaiian shirt.  Done!  Zoe is a little trickier, but I found most of her outfit and  I’m making her vest and shotgun holster.  I have a total girl crush on Gina Torres, who I won’t come close to pulling off her general awesomeness, but maybe that’s ok.  Gotta figure out her hair since I have not made a truce with wigs yet.  My friend suggested I try “supercoiling” my hair (like DNA!) to get that look, so I’m going to try this weekend.  (And maybe it will fit in the the Irish dance volunteer thing I have on Saturday.)


Wash: Done!  Zoe: Some assembly required.  Plus kitty.

For Zoe’s vest, I’m starting with Burdastyle’s 08/2013 133 dress…because I have this pattern already and I won’t have to start from scratch.  Especially with what I thought were princess seams, but are actually pointed side panels.  Yep, don’t want to draft those.


Burdastyle 08/2012 133 dress

As for props…I guess I should go buy some plastic dinosaurs for Art.  Zoe needs a shotgun or rifle.  I looked at prop guns and, wow, they are pricey (with good reason, for being handcrafted).  “Hm, these prop guns are expensive” soon morphed into “I now own 5 Nerf guns that I will be painting.”  Because I remember one of my friends from my archery club who repainted Nerf guns as a hobby.  For his “Humans vs. Zombie” marathon survival weekends.  Not all are for Zoe, just a Nerf shotgun that I found.  The rest are lack-of-impulse-control spoils from Target’s Star Wars Nerf gun series.  Heck yeah, I’m taking advantage of the new movie hype.  When else am I going to find a blaster for under $20?  (I do have a friend who’s legitimately concerned that I’m going to get shot by police, so the nozzles will sadly remain bright orange for now.  Unless I, hahaha, have any cosplay photo requests. Unlikely.)

So there it is.  I can’t wait for the weekend so I can work on this project.  I can’t right now becuase I’m supposed to be finishing up this paper.  And I really just want to get this paper sent out and over with.  Wow, I’m caffeinated.  Ok, back to real work.


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