Hair experiments

I have very long, straight Asian hair, which I am actually quite happy with and would not trade it for the world.  (Except for maybe if it was the same except red, like Ginny Weasley’s…)  But the first thing my friend said when I told him I was making Zoe’s costume was, “Man, she has GORGEOUS hair…”  Which, let’s be honest, Gina Torres is stunning and so are her locks.


Image from Black Hair Media

So…. I thought I should at least put some *texture* into my straight hair if I was to make a convincing Zoe.  In the weekends leading up to Emerald City, I tried out some hair experiments: supercoils, rag curls, and braids.

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Semi-charmed kind of life

Emerald City Comicon has come and gone.  I thought I was immune to the ConCrud this year, but was feeling sluggish all of last week until Saturday, when I went down hard for 3 days.  I’m still recovering, but feeling better as evidenced by my brain starting to plan my next sewing projects.  But first, hey look, its a costume event recap!  …kind of.  I forgot about taking photos of us in costume, so it’s just the one above and the one below, when Nathan Fillion made us laugh:


Nathan Fillion: “Hey, who are you guys dressed as?”  *we all laugh* *click*

Which I guess means that I’ll save the in-depth Wash & Zoe costume post for another day.  But I was delighted that Browncoats recognized that we were dressed as Zoe and Wash, so success! Instead, I’ll just say that we had a good time at Emerald City Comicon.  I caught some cool costumes, which will be after the cut, including my fave: a sweet Simon & Marcy.  I have to say, it was a delight to wander around once again and telling other people how much I enjoyed seeing their creations


Simon and Marcy!

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Hornpipe and ballet notes


Choose-your-own-adventure hornpipe:

Hop rally-right step up

Push click push click

Hop rally step back

Heel heel heel rally back toe

Turn-right heel front, hop into right kick butt

Hop rally-right step up

Push click push click

Pull back left, rally-right step up

Rally-right right-toe-toe left-toe right-toe rally-left step up


Ballet notes:

Waltz turn:  make sure back leg is really behind me, not off to the side

Piroette: more subtle bend in knees, otherwise to much springy momentum, plie weight is on ball of supporting leg so can instantly balance on it.  Immediately trace up shin to passe, keeps you centered and in picture.