Hair experiments

I have very long, straight Asian hair, which I am actually quite happy with and would not trade it for the world.  (Except for maybe if it was the same except red, like Ginny Weasley’s…)  But the first thing my friend said when I told him I was making Zoe’s costume was, “Man, she has GORGEOUS hair…”  Which, let’s be honest, Gina Torres is stunning and so are her locks.


Image from Black Hair Media

So…. I thought I should at least put some *texture* into my straight hair if I was to make a convincing Zoe.  In the weekends leading up to Emerald City, I tried out some hair experiments: supercoils, rag curls, and braids.

General protocol:

1.) Wash & condition hair

2.) Apply hair mousse while hair is still damp.  I think I used this mousse from Davines.

3.) Dry hair until just barely moist.  Seriously, my hair takes forever to dry just hanging flat, so it will take FOREVER (ie. DAYS) to dry completely in curls.

4.) Shape hair.

5.) Let dry, blowdryer may be needed to finish off.

6.) Gently unwind to separate.  Do not comb or brush, otherwise will get frizzy.



Twist large strands of hair until it starts to coil on itself, similar to pin curls.  This probably would have worked better had I let it dry completely, but the was before I realized I had to dry my hair until mostly dry before styling.  Yep.  Verdict as it was: Grunge rocker, a la Wayne’s World, which may be appropriate for Seattle, but not Zoe.


Supercoils verdict: probably would work better if dried completely.

Rag curls:

I used a couple of tutorial references for this technique, but Vintage Vixen’s Rag Curl Tutorial was the most helpful.  Rag curls are the way to go if you want aggressive, Shirley Temple-esque curls.  I went through a little shock when I unrolled my hair and the pictures below actually have some of the curls flattened out with water because I couldn’t take it.  But note to self, if I need crazy buoyant anime curls, do rag curls.


Art: “This is so weird.  It’s you…but not you.”


I ended up going with 6-8 braid for Zoe’s hairstyle and probably would have benefitted from pigtail french braids to put some crimp near my crown.  Sadly, I can’t French braid myself, so multiple braids it is!  Braids actually gave me some pretty decent, defined texture, though not curls per se, but kind of a decent effect.  I might try something similar if I ever get around to Arwen (though with fewer braids).


Braids: a happy medium





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