Semi-charmed kind of life

Emerald City Comicon has come and gone.  I thought I was immune to the ConCrud this year, but was feeling sluggish all of last week until Saturday, when I went down hard for 3 days.  I’m still recovering, but feeling better as evidenced by my brain starting to plan my next sewing projects.  But first, hey look, its a costume event recap!  …kind of.  I forgot about taking photos of us in costume, so it’s just the one above and the one below, when Nathan Fillion made us laugh:


Nathan Fillion: “Hey, who are you guys dressed as?”  *we all laugh* *click*

Which I guess means that I’ll save the in-depth Wash & Zoe costume post for another day.  But I was delighted that Browncoats recognized that we were dressed as Zoe and Wash, so success! Instead, I’ll just say that we had a good time at Emerald City Comicon.  I caught some cool costumes, which will be after the cut, including my fave: a sweet Simon & Marcy.  I have to say, it was a delight to wander around once again and telling other people how much I enjoyed seeing their creations


Simon and Marcy!


Ahahaha, brilliant.


Cool Night Stalker and Lord of the Forest dichotomy


RWBY!  I do love the character designs…


Tiny Rey with R2 in an R2 top hat!  (One of hundreds of Reys I saw that day)


Buzz was pretty cool


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