Reel step


Rose from my teacher

Cut-2-3 Down-2-3 crossover-2-3  switch-2-3

Leap-2-3, money-step-turn

Whip step-up, twist twist twist

(Old end: Skip and skip and seven to face front)


“Down” is like a quick seven.

“money step”: deliberate crossover-step, hop, hop-pick up other foot


Treble jig


This is what sewing with cats is like


Treble jig notes:

Drop-toe-heel: Imagine that your leg is a marionette, hop and dangle your foot when lifted and then go toe heel when hop

Front rallies:  3 rallies are a backbone step.  Easier when back leg kicks down from butt to rally down.  Stay on toes for cleaner sounds

Drop (hop toe heel), rally back toe, rally back toe.

Whip, step, rally hop back. (this is slower)

Front rally rally rally

Right step up right step up

Front Rally rally rally hop back

Back twist twist twist, slow ronde de jambe forward.

Rally rally rally back


Alistair…Really, kitty?

Treble reel steps


Bang bang-a bang-bang, Rally rally-back

Bang left bang right (step forward) left-toe rally rally-back

Bang right bang left (step forward) right-toe rally rally-back

Bang rally- back, bang rally-back

Bang right bang left (step forward) rally rally-back


Jaunty marionberries!


Jump jump rally rally rally (last one keep right in fron)

Rally-right, left-crossover-bang, hop right

Rally-right, left-crossover-bang, hop right

Heels to left (right in front)

Rally rally rally