Spooky hornpipe

Music:  Screw the nut (think “Hefflelumps and woozles” from Winnie the Pooh).  Has a slow start.

Hop-left drum-right step-step

Hop-left drum-right step-step

Rally-front rally-front rally-front hop back (right foot in back)

(Right foot) rally front gallop click and click

Rally front right, back-toe-right, back-click, back-toe-left, cut-front-right step.

Rally-right, back-toe-right, quarter turn & heel, hop-front-right (Old: Rally front rally front, rally front turn, hop front right)

Rally gallop right, left skip click, step, funny walk right, funny walk left, funny walk right,  tap right (or pas du chevalle), rally hop back


I have things to write about my July trip to Orlando regarding Harry Potter world and Star Wars, but haven’t had the brain time to get organized.


Alistair is more of a woozle

Drum notes:  inside of big toe to heel, put weight on heel


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