Star Wars everyday

Art and I were watching Rogue One at the Cinerama for the third time yesterday* and I had a realization: “Why not Star Wars everyday?”


I was sitting there studying Cassian Andor’s parka and mulling over a comment that friend made to me last month: “Hey, you should totally make Jyn Erso’s jacket, you could totally pull that off.”  Yeah, thought I, I do like Jyn, but I preferred her badass self in the trailers than the final movie cut (COME ON: and her out fit is not really a “costume” costume and it would be hard pressed to feel like I was dressed up at a convention rather than everyday life… Wait.  EVERYDAY LIFE.

Star Wars everyday wouldn’t have to mean wearing t-shirts or obvious franchise-emblazoned clothing, which nothing is wrong with that  just that I feel like it’s an easy target for the “nerd-cred” gatekeepers.  Whereas I’m envisioning more like a subtle nod to feeling like I’m part of that galaxy far, far away.

You see, I was also mulling over what to wear when I teach a course with my friends this summer.  I don’t really think I should dress like I normally do (see below), so I was trying to figure out what I would want to wear.  I really don’t like current pant trends, no to skinny jeans and yoga pants for normal wear for me.  All my skirts are pretty much mini-skirts and the one longer plaid skirt I own make me look matronly and dowdy.  So what do I do?  What do I sew or look for?


This is a pretty typical outfit for me: shorts, long socks, a nerdy shirt of some sort.  Like even I would be hard-pressed to take myself seriously.

Actually, a faux costume of sorts might do me good.  I feel more confident in a costume than I do my normal clothes and I refer t make up as war paint.  Art has cautioned me to make sure that it doesn’t look too costumey since people get funny about that sort of thing, but I might be able to make Jyn’s outfit sans vest as a doable teaching outfit.

Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 9.54.49 PM.png

I may bear a similar expression facing pre-meds.

Another outfit I was considering was Rey’s Jedi Steps outfit, partially because I was lucky to be able to afford her boots from Po-Zu thanks to a sale and an a crazy pound to dollar exchange rate.  I do like Rey’s Jedi steps outfit a lot and would actually wear it as normal wear, but it may actually cross the costumey threshold for teaching.  I think I’ll make a couple vests since might as well.  And I did a casual version of this outfit during the summer when I went to Orlando’s Hollywood Studios, which didn’t seem to gather much comment aside from the staff liking my belt.

Adding to normal “daily wear,” which I mentioned in my previous post, I still plan to make parka inspired by the one Cassian wore in Rogue One and also that Rebel Alliance BurdaStyle motorcycle jacket.  So I might actually be able to wear Star Wars everyday since I wear a jacket pretty much everyday. =)

*One of his friends hadn’t seen it yet, so why not?   I also was a little more emotional and teary this time, possibly because I didn’t have the stress of holiday season plus the added thematic compliment of mentally gearing up for life post January 20th, 2017.  Go Rogue.


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