Emerald City and 12-hr Rey

That’s right, I survived Emerald City Comic Con 2017 without having slept for 36 hours and I busted out Rey’s vest in 12 hours.  I keep telling myself that I’ll start things ahead of time and that I’ll do things right next time… fast forward to the night before a costume deadline, hunched over the sewing machine, cutting corners left and right, fueled by the ridiculous levels of caffeine in boba….

Next time, next time.

Anyway, I’m pretty proud of my new Rey vest, slapdash job and all!  It’s been in my sewing queue ever since I saw it on opening night for The Force Awakens.  I actually plan to make more than one since it think I can add it to my everyday wardrobe. =)  This iteration was made from a herringbone wool men’s jacket that I got from Goodwill for $1!  Score.  Goodwill is a great place to go, especially during their amazing holiday sales.  Considering wool is often >$10 a yard…  It was actually a well tailored jacket and I felt a little bad catabolizing it for the vest, but I suppose it is a better fate than a landfill.

I waffled for the longest time one what to do for the pattern.  I needed a top with a peplum, mandarin collar, and drafted shoulder pad embellishments.  I was resigned to drafting the whole thing from scratch when I came across McCall’s M7456 in a fit of serendipity while picking up snaps for Art’s Luke outfit at Joann’s.  It was even on sale.  I needed to do a bunch of redrafting, but it worked nicely and I only had to do one mock up…well, I should have done two toiles, but I sewed the first toile up at 9PM on Friday night and the convention was on Saturday.

The actual sewing took 12 hours. I didn’t have quite enough fabric for the drafted pattern, so I ended up using the finished edges for the front and peplum, shortening the peplum by 2″, which actually worked out better.  I liked having the horsehair interfacing give the front of the jacket structure, but I should have trimmed it past 3 inches from center, thus making the seams less bulky and easier to sew through.  The shoulder pad embellishments were actually made by tracing my pattern piece around the actual shoulder pads in the jacket and using them to puff up…the shoulder embellishments.  I had meant to make the wool gauntlets out the sleeves, but ran out of time.  So I used my grey DNA gloves instead and serged up some jersey tubes in lieu of gauze wraps.  My goal was “casual Rey” instead of “movie accurate Rey,” not even attempting the triple buns.  Actually, one Jedi told me that I was the best Rey he saw all day and I had to laugh, but it was kindly meant.  I also got called “Scavenger scum,” which was a highlight of the day

I also learned that my sewing machine like sewing through thicker woolen fabric than thin cotton sheets.  I really need to send it in for a check up.  It’s an old Dressmaker that I got off of Craigslist in 2009 and never sent it for a tune up.  Poor little sewing buddy.

I might actually make this jacket for real sometime, it’s a cool pattern.

Oh yeah, I also made Art’s costume back in October for Halloween!  Except I didn’t sew on snaps until this week when he asked if it was possible to upgrade from safety pins (not a fan of being accidentally stabbed.)  Good thing I love him.  It’s pretty much a cotton twill men’s shirt pattern with the overlapping front panels being the main alteration.  They’re pretty much rectangles and not too bad as long as you get the dimensions right.  I highly suggest making a toile as Art couldn’t raise his arms in the first mock, easily solved by adding a 2″ back vent.

Anyway, we had a great time at Emerald City and I didn’t feel sleepy at all!  Young Tea’s boba is that caffeinated.  I crashed for 12 hours when we got home though since I had been awake for over 36 hours at that point.


Actual conversation: “Oh hi, son.  This is awkward.  Sorry about the hand…it runs in the family.”  “That’s ok, dad, I got two.”




Loved this Cinderella group


Kaylee’s fluffy dress


Picture with the legendary Peter Mayhew!  Poor guy looked exhausted


Link’s cuoco really makes his costume!


Punk rock Nausicaa and San!


The magazine cover reads “Why I’m obsessed with Ryan Reynolds”


Nice walk back by Pike Place Market


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