Small jig for artwalk

Cut 2 3 cut 2 3 cut 234567

Hop back 2 3 hop back 2 3 cut 2 3 point hop back

# repeat with hands on hips # a la Jessica

Step step clap clap clap

Step step clap clap clap


Winter 2017 two-hand set dance

Face each other, skip forward take hands, lady passed on front (her arm in from)

Skip forward 2 beats, sevens outward, sevens inward, lady in back, her hand on partner’s left shoulder

Pop234567 (sevens outward), sunshine arms send in place, sevens while turning over right shoulder, sevens inward, lady in front (partner’s hands on her right shoulder)

Pop234567 (sevens outward), sunshine arms send in place, sevens while turning over left shoulder, sevens inward, face each other

Skip around in circle (be back by 6), face each other.

Take hands and sevens to back, open arms and circle to right, close arms and sevens to front, open arm and circle to right.

Spin lady, skip to back, spin again, face front, point and bow.

Spring 2017 slip jig and hornpipe

Slip jig 1st step:

(Right foot) Point in-out-in kick butt back

Jump-switch jump-switch (right foot in back)

Step right foot front to point

Skip-1(left) Skip-1-2(right) (right)Leap 2-3 Step front point right

(Grapevine) Whip right 1-2-3-4-5 (Legs are uncrossed)

Gallop-right walk-turn

Step-right left-lift step-right switch turn and point

Slip jig 2nd step: keep the momentum going

Step lift-hop-down step lift-hop-down

Skip1(right) skip(left)2-3 leap2-3 (right, end with left in front), hop-buttkick flutter(rightfoot), place right foot in front

Hop(leftbuttkick) slide-left, hop(rightbuttkick) slide-right

Cut left, cut right, hoppy walkaround step left, step right, step left.  (Immediately go into next step)

(Old: Gallop, turn switch-kick, turn-on-right, point left. Twist-twist-twist forward something something)

Hornpipe 2nd step:

Hop cross-step-step step-heel(left) (half grapevine), hop-over step-right hop-onto-right (left buttkick)

Rally rally rally back (right in back)

Rally-right back-toe-right back-toe-left whip-right, rally-right  toe-toe-toe cut-left-bang

Rally-left hop-over-right, rally-right hop-over-left

Slide-right slide-left

Rally rally rally back (while turning), rally up rally back.


Rally practice

Rallys should come from moving the ankle, not the leg/calf.

Sit on edge of chair, lift thighs slighly.  Lift leg up and down, keep the foot is slightly flexed at 45*, rally from the ankle down (curl toes to rally back).