Class with Jessica

New reel step:

Fast-whip-right crossover-2-3

Switch skip-left skip-right-2-3-4 leap-right leg land-left-front twist-right twist-left

Skip-right skip-left skip-right step-close left doubly-hop-right step-right-close leap-right left-front-close

Three sea captains:

Tip-step-right rallyright-up-front fast rally-right-hop-back

Tip-side-left crossover-right

Brush-left-forward gallop-click gallop-click

King of the fairies:

Right-tip step-right back-left-toe-click drum&drum

Right-tip step-right back-left-toe-click 4 rallies (right in back)

Right brush swing up, left brush swing up toe & drum