My French macaron protocol

Macarons I made for the “Bake for Japan” bake sale back in March.

I had my first French macaron back in 2008 when visiting Croatian scientists brought them to our lab meeting. I think they were talking about P13kinase activity and detecting lipid phosphorylation by HPLC, but I vividly remember thinking how to sneak more of these delicious cookies onto my plate without looking like a glutton.

Being informed that they were purchased from Le Panier, I made a weekend excursion down to Pike Place Market. “$1.50 per macaron?!?! For a cookie a size of a half-dollar?” I still purchased 6 of them, which I proceeded to eat in rapid succession. Yes, I ate $9 of cookies in an hour and I still wanted more. That’s when I decided to learn how to make macarons. Because I was going to destroy my budget with French cookies.
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