Category 9

Category 9: formerly known as “Planned Projects.”

Once upon a time, Owlex wrote Liz an email asking how she felt about planning the Artorias armor set from Dark Souls for Artorias the husband (nerds, all of us….). The next day, Owlex received a 500-word respone outlining all the things on Liz’s “To do” list, ending with “9.) Finish making stuff for myself because I haven’t in a while.” Rather than cowering fear, Owlex and Lobster dubbed the last as “Category 9” and offered to help with sewing.

Moral of the story: My friendship is full of TL;DR. And my friends are way cooler than I am. =) Maybe I will finish these faster now!


Rey’s Jedi steps outfit

Alice’s coat

Arwen’s chase coat (Maybe in time for “The Hobbit”?) (ETA: Nope….)

Wentworth undress coat

Ballet inspired dress and/or skirt (Image from

Downton Abbey: Lady Mary's red dress

Downton Abbey: Lady Mary’s red dress


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