Scenes from Sakuracon

Monsieur French Toast crossing the street

I was a bit underwhelmed at this year’s Sakuracon, but I’m not exactly sure why. I think it’s because I usually go for the costumes and my standards are now higher due to working on the monster hunter armor. Or because I was listless from coming down with what I will dub the “Sakuracon plague” from not sleeping properly for a week: runny nose, constant sneezing, coughing, FATIGUE. My friend’s outfit still came out AWESOME though.

My friend's armor at Sakuracon

As a side note, I find that costume-making is incredibly creative and geek/nerd culture is naturally exuberant. You have people wanting to share their excitement with other enthusiasts, something that they aren’t able to at home/school/daily life. The energy level is intoxicating as you wander around, watching people enjoy themselves. And fairly safe since volunteers and security officers are peppered throughout the convention.

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