Ballerina-inspired sewing ideas

For all my concern about my sewing projects being too feminine, I have wanted to make a ballerina-like skirt for a long time. When I was in college, I saw a lady walking in downtown Portland wearing a black blouse and the most beautiful, flowing knee-length chiffon skirt. I haven’t been able to find a skirt or skirt pattern quite like the one I saw all those years ago.

I’ve been periodically musing about making a chiffon skirt, but hadn’t found good inspiration for one for a while. And then I was noodling around the internets recently and visited Jessica’s “Hapa Time” fashinon blog. I think she’s beautiful (even if I feel insecure in my self-image for a bit afterwards) and her Chiffon Cross aquamarine dress from in Love with Fashion caught my eye. Uhm, I hope this isn’t too creepy:

Photo from "Hapa Time:"

She is wearing one handsome dress with the right amount of flowy chiffon without the frou-frou flouncy tutus of other ballerina dresses. However, I have had bad luck buying dresses that I’ve never tried on (ie. Modcloth dabbling disasters). Whoa, could I possibly make something similar? It looks like a fairly simple design: 2-layer 3/4 circle skirt, waistband, back bands, and v-necked bodice. The bodice would be the trickiest part to fit, but it’s refreshingly simple.

I also found a Mango Wrap Ballerina Skirt by ASOS which hits some of the major characteristics of what I was thinking of, but not as mandible dropping. Still, it’s a skirt to consider.

Mango Wrap Ballerina Skirt by ASOS

So I think, once I finally get my sister’s skirt done, I might start with making a chiffon 3/4 circle skirt. If that looks good, I’ll try my hand at making a ballerina dress!


Undecided: Darling Ranges

Oh heck, why not one more post? I also finally wore my version of Megan Nielsen’s Darling Ranges dress last week since it was finally warm enough to wear it outside.
I lengthened the torso and shortened the skirt by just making the hem wider, which makes it look bulkier than I anticipated. (I have this fear of cutting off excess fabric *in case* I may want to lengthen it someday.) Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the dress turned out, bulky hem and all. However, that said, it’s not quite “me.” Oh, it’s cute, but a little too feminine (housewifey?) and not quite…I don’t know, threatening enough? I don’t know how to describe my style yet. But it does have pockets….

Actually, here I look confused because the lower left car just beeped at us. Must have thought us a threat through its proximity sensor.

I have found, however, that this dress is great to wear to ballet since I can easily throw it on top of my leotard and head out. So will probably wear it for that if nothing else. =)