Obsession #2

Happy New Year!

So, obsession may be a mild description of my love of figure skating. Figure skating partially defined who I was throughout high school. (Obsession #1 may or may not be Star Wars. ^_~) I almost religiously followed every figure skating event, manning the VCR record button like a DJ. I plastered their images on every surface I could. I wanted to be as graceful and powerful as Michelle Kwan and Ilia Kulik and my parents humored me by paying for my figure skating lessons. I bought a pair of high quality figure skates for my birthday. Skating was like flying. …and I tore my PCL (knee ligament) while ice skating in high school.

I stopped following it back in 2002 because none of the programs were as captivating as ones I had seen from Michelle Kwan, Ilia Kulik, Kurt Browning, or Brian Boitano. Sure, Stephan Lambiel, Evan Lysacek, and Evgeni Plushenko were fun to watch at times, but the new points scoring system really did a number on making the skate programs boring. Very BORING.

However, it looks like figure skating has now adapted to working with the system. I really enjoyed watching Meryl Davis & Charlie White and Mirai Nagasu at the Vancouver Olympics. And then last night, while having pop culture force fed through mediocre New Year’s Eve programming, I stumbled upon a rerun of the 2011 Figure Skating World Championships. And Patrick Chan, who has matured into a damn fine figure skater:

My husband supports my addiction. =)

In celebration, and procrastinating writing my thesis, I decided to post some of my favorite figure skating programs.
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