Spring 2017 slip jig and hornpipe

Slip jig 1st step:

(Right foot) Point in-out-in kick butt back

Jump-switch jump-switch (right foot in back)

Step right foot front to point

Skip-1(left) Skip-1-2(right) (right)Leap 2-3 Step front point right

(Grapevine) Whip right 1-2-3-4-5 (Legs are uncrossed)

Gallop-right walk-turn

Step-right left-lift step-right switch turn and point

Slip jig 2nd step: keep the momentum going

Step lift-hop-down step lift-hop-down

Skip1(right) skip(left)2-3 leap2-3 (right, end with left in front), hop-buttkick flutter(rightfoot), place right foot in front

Hop(leftbuttkick) slide-left, hop(rightbuttkick) slide-right

Cut left, cut right, hoppy walkaround step left, step right, step left.  (Immediately go into next step)

(Old: Gallop, turn switch-kick, turn-on-right, point left. Twist-twist-twist forward something something)

Hornpipe 2nd step:

Hop cross-step-step step-heel(left) (half grapevine), hop-over step-right hop-onto-right (left buttkick)

Rally rally rally back (right in back)

Rally-right back-toe-right back-toe-left whip-right, rally-right  toe-toe-toe cut-left-bang

Rally-left hop-over-right, rally-right hop-over-left

Slide-right slide-left

Rally rally rally back (while turning), rally up rally back.


Rally practice

Rallys should come from moving the ankle, not the leg/calf.

Sit on edge of chair, lift thighs slighly.  Lift leg up and down, keep the foot is slightly flexed at 45*, rally from the ankle down (curl toes to rally back).


Addie’s class


Rally front rally front rally front rally front

Slide right slide left

Left rally, back switch, front click

Skip right, left leap 2 3

Rally right, back toe (right), back toe left, rally right back toe (right)

Right Heel heel heel, back back, heel heel heel, hop onto right foot

Rally back rally back rally back, extend front left (like developpe)


Ninja point reel:

Right hop step up, left lift step up,

Skip right, deer left leap 2 3,

Pull back left 2 3

Point right turn point (left)

Point out point in, turn, point hop back

Spooky hornpipe

Music:  Screw the nut (think “Hefflelumps and woozles” from Winnie the Pooh).  Has a slow start.

Hop-left drum-right step-step

Hop-left drum-right step-step

Rally-front rally-front rally-front hop back (right foot in back)

(Right foot) rally front gallop click and click

Rally front right, back-toe-right, back-click, back-toe-left, cut-front-right step.

Rally-right, back-toe-right, quarter turn & heel, hop-front-right (Old: Rally front rally front, rally front turn, hop front right)

Rally gallop right, left skip click, step, funny walk right, funny walk left, funny walk right,  tap right (or pas du chevalle), rally hop back


I have things to write about my July trip to Orlando regarding Harry Potter world and Star Wars, but haven’t had the brain time to get organized.


Alistair is more of a woozle

Drum notes:  inside of big toe to heel, put weight on heel

Hornpipe and ballet notes


Choose-your-own-adventure hornpipe:

Hop rally-right step up

Push click push click

Hop rally step back

Heel heel heel rally back toe

Turn-right heel front, hop into right kick butt

Hop rally-right step up

Push click push click

Pull back left, rally-right step up

Rally-right right-toe-toe left-toe right-toe rally-left step up


Ballet notes:

Waltz turn:  make sure back leg is really behind me, not off to the side

Piroette: more subtle bend in knees, otherwise to much springy momentum, plie weight is on ball of supporting leg so can instantly balance on it.  Immediately trace up shin to passe, keeps you centered and in picture.

fast hornpipe


Notes:  very hoppy and light.  Only one foot on the ground at a time.  Rally hop back feet switch

Tip & tip & rally hop back

Tip & tip & rally hop back

Hop two heel four toe and toe (like sevens)

Hop two heel four toe and toe (like sevens, other direction)

Tip & tip & rally hop back

Tip & tip & rally hop back

Jump heel three, jump heel three

Rally in rally out hop back