“OH HAI THAR” dragon

"Oh hai...."

Oops, sorry about the hiatus. The last three weeks went like this:

April week 2: Caught plague from Sakuracon. And then both Monday and Tuesday were both 14 hour experiment days. Stupid old cells.
April week 3: Still recovering from plague, but diving back in.
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Elephant for a baby shower

Freaking adorable.

Oh yes, I also made an elephant for my friends’ baby shower last week. The father is a guy I’ve known since elementary school and, man, we never would have predicted him to be a father. (Uhm, I mean predicted during high school, not during elementary school.) But he’s evolved into an great guy and his wife is pretty awesome as well! Another one of my elementary school buddies flew up from LA to organize their baby shower. She made me do the balloon pregnancy race, which I may never forgive her for. =P (Just kidding! I could never stay mad at her.)

The horror!