Undecided: Darling Ranges

Oh heck, why not one more post? I also finally wore my version of Megan Nielsen’s Darling Ranges dress last week since it was finally warm enough to wear it outside.
I lengthened the torso and shortened the skirt by just making the hem wider, which makes it look bulkier than I anticipated. (I have this fear of cutting off excess fabric *in case* I may want to lengthen it someday.) Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the dress turned out, bulky hem and all. However, that said, it’s not quite “me.” Oh, it’s cute, but a little too feminine (housewifey?) and not quite…I don’t know, threatening enough? I don’t know how to describe my style yet. But it does have pockets….

Actually, here I look confused because the lower left car just beeped at us. Must have thought us a threat through its proximity sensor.

I have found, however, that this dress is great to wear to ballet since I can easily throw it on top of my leotard and head out. So will probably wear it for that if nothing else. =)


“OH HAI THAR” dragon

"Oh hai...."

Oops, sorry about the hiatus. The last three weeks went like this:

April week 2: Caught plague from Sakuracon. And then both Monday and Tuesday were both 14 hour experiment days. Stupid old cells.
April week 3: Still recovering from plague, but diving back in.
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Submitted dissertation and a “seifuku-esque” Jasmine

I really like cherry blossoms, so what?

I submitted my dissertation about 30 minutes ago! *phew* Finally! It’s a little late, but I also wrote a fellowship application too last week and, to be honest, the prospect of getting a funded postdoctoral position was a stronger motivator than … writing something that no one else will read. It’s sad, but really, no one will read my dissertation. Oh, people will (and have) read the papers I published using my dissertation research, but not the actual document. But still, it’s great to cross “Finish thesis” off of my “To do” list.

Anyway, over the weekend I finally finished my version of Colette Pattern’s Jasmine blouse! “Seifuku” is the term for a Japanese school uniform and my completed shirt…really does make me look like a Japanese student, at least with this styling. But then again, I tend to gravitate toward outfits like this. =) Since the cherry blossom trees were blooming in the UW Quadrangle and the sun was out, I took a break on Sunday for some pictures.
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Leap day post #2

…because, why not? …I’ll post pajama photos once I upload them.

Xin nian kuai le!

新年快樂! Since it’s the year of the dragon, I made this little one:

Dragon with Deathcake

Aw, isn’t she adorable? She’ll get wings eventually, but I haven’t finished them yet since I tired of hand sewing tiny stiches. She’s a more appropriate 中國龍 this way too. I haven’t decided what I would like her to be holding, so I used some Cupcake Royale baby Deathcakes as props.

Tomorrow is the Lunar New Year, though it’s already hit China and one of my friends said it sounds like a warzone with all the exploding firecrackers. The celebrations haven’t really started here though. I went to Seattle’s International District and while there were a lot of people in shops (I waited 45 minutes to buy a BBQ duck! There’s usually never a line!), no real festivities. I did run into a lion dance troupe and they said to come back next week, when they’ll be going around to all the local shops. I suppose it make sense to scare away evil spirits when the new year actually starts since they could sneak back into your establishment in the 12 hours beforehand. So I will head back next week, because I love watching the lion dancers run amok.

If it doesn't stop traffic, it's not going to chase off evil spirits

Running through the produce aisle

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