Addie’s class


Rally front rally front rally front rally front

Slide right slide left

Left rally, back switch, front click

Skip right, left leap 2 3

Rally right, back toe (right), back toe left, rally right back toe (right)

Right Heel heel heel, back back, heel heel heel, hop onto right foot

Rally back rally back rally back, extend front left (like developpe)


Ninja point reel:

Right hop step up, left lift step up,

Skip right, deer left leap 2 3,

Pull back left 2 3

Point right turn point (left)

Point out point in, turn, point hop back

Spooky hornpipe


I have things to write about my July trip to Orlando regarding Harry Potter world and Star Wars, but haven’t had the brain time to get organized.


Alistair is more of a woozle

Music:  think “Hefflelumps and woozles” from Winnie the Pooh.  Has a slow start.

Hop-left drum-right step-and-step

Hop-left drum-right step-and-step

Rally-front rally-front rally-front hop back (right foot in back)

(Right foot) rally front gallop click and click

Rally front right, right time back, left back click toe, cut front right bang.

Rally front rally front, rally front turn, hop front right

Rally gallop right, left skip click, step, funny walk, funny walk, pas du chevalle, rally hop back

Drum notes:  inside of big toe to heel, put weight on heel

Cat hoodie


This technically counts as a “selfish sewing” project even though it was one of Art’s requests for his birthday a few months ago.  He’s been  asking for cat sweaters ever since we got them as kittens.  Not for them to wears constantly, just to see their expressions. (Alistair does have fine hair and gets cold during the winter, but I don’t think even he would willing wear a sweater.)

Yes, we are those people.

Alistair sweater

The pattern is the “Cat Hoodie” by Kristin Roach knit in some random wool/acrylic yarn that my French friend gifted me when she moved.  Unfortunately, I knit it a little too big and the the cats easily slip out of it when left to their own devices.  Rats.

So here is Art helping our cats model the sweater.  We got some great pictures.  Especially this last one of Morrigan expressing how she really feels.

Morrigan sweater 2

My friend said this is a textbook example of  a”baleful” look.

Sarah’s reel

Point hop back, step switch 2-3

Leap 2-3, leap 2-3

Kick butt left crossover 2-3

Hop kick butt right (turn left) back 2-3

Step front flip/fouette walk turn 2-3

Point hop back


Rally notes:

Like a bug tongue that flips out and then curls back in.  Less hop more down.  Bicycle.  Clear foot over sock top.

Reel step


Rose from my teacher

Cut-2-3 Down-2-3 crossover-2-3  switch-2-3

Leap-2-3, money-step-turn

Skip and skip and seven to face front


“Down” is like a quick seven.

“money step”: deliberate crossover-step, hop, hop-pick up other foot

Treble jig


This is what sewing with cats is like


Treble jig notes:

Drop-toe-heel: Imagine that your leg is a marionette, hop and dangle your foot when lifted and then go toe heel when hop

Front rallies:  3 rallies are a backbone step.  Easier when back leg kicks down from butt to rally down.  Stay on toes for cleaner sounds

Drop (hop toe heel), rally back toe, rally back toe.

Whip, step, rally hop back. (this is slower)

Front rally rally rally

Right step up right step up

Front Rally rally rally hop back

Back twist twist twist, slow ronde de jambe forward.

Rally rally rally back


Alistair…Really, kitty?

Treble reel steps


Bang bang-a bang-bang, Rally rally-back

Bang left bang right (step forward) left-toe rally rally-back

Bang right bang left (step forward) right-toe rally rally-back

Bang rally- back, bang rally-back

Bang right bang left (step forward) rally rally-back


Jaunty marionberries!


Jump jump rally rally rally (last one keep right in fron)

Rally-right, left-crossover-bang, hop right

Rally-right, left-crossover-bang, hop right

Heels to left (right in front)

Rally rally rally