Treble jig



Very hoppy, almost seesaw at points, focus on only one foot on the ground at a time.  Also, practice lift-hop-downs and watch landing foot (might twist ankle)


Rally hop back rally cut front, hop right onto demi pointe

Dreams of an X-wing pilot


Star Wars has not always been part of my life, but the original trilogy has defined most of it.  I first came across a paperback novelization of “A New Hope” at a used bookstore somewhere in Los Angeles when I was in the fourth grade.  I showed it to my dad and asked, “What’s Star Wars?”  He looked surprised, “We haven’t shown it to you yet?  We should watch the movies.”  So we pulled out the trilogy VHS box and watched it with me, my two sisters, and my parents.

It was all downhill from there.

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fast hornpipe


Notes:  very hoppy and light.  Only one foot on the ground at a time.  Rally hop back feet switch

Tip & tip & rally hop back

Tip & tip & rally hop back

Hop two heel four toe and toe (like sevens)

Hop two heel four toe and toe (like sevens, other direction)

Tip & tip & rally hop back

Tip & tip & rally hop back

Jump heel three, jump heel three

Rally in rally out hop back

Ballet: my balance issues

Halloween Seattle ferris wheel

Halloween Seattle ferris wheel

I have a lot of issues with balance.  Today my teacher pointed out that I tend to lean back so that my weight is shifted off my legs behind me.  I need to focus on staying lifted and keeping my weight on top of my legs.  Shoulders over hips sort of thing.

Reel step from Janelle

Needles sharp posture & movements with attitude

Superskip right lift
Skip 2 3 leap 2 3 (hangtime)
Jump Diddlydum jump buttkick right step 2 3 (quick up, straight out to right, stare down attitude, right foot in front)
Turn, point right skip 2 3 left skip 2 3 (needle skips!)

Step 2:

Point whip out whip in
Hop twist twist twist (or hop heel step up)
Gallop walking turn gallop
Lift 2 3 skip 2 3 point and point


Treble jig: (hop at the end of a rally)

Hop rally toe toe, hop rally toe toe (pop pop)
Rally toe, rally toe, rally step step
Hop forward switch (keep moving forward) squish the bug hop back
Hop forward switch forward squish the bug hop back
Rally rally rally step step

Pull back rally rally, rally step step
Rally rally, heel heel, click toes
Box step (heel heel toe toe, heel clicks)
Box step turn 180°

Rally Hop, rally hop, rally step step

Slip jig:
Cut twist twist twist twist forward
Hop twist twist twist twist back
Hop back rock hop rock rock rock
Left cut skip switch skip 2 3
Hop up land Cross step out step in step cross keys
Gallop turn step up (left foot in front)