Midsummer Irish steps

Treble jig :

Drum, rally toe, rally toe, slow-whip, rally back

Step right (heel to toe) step left, tap front right, rally rally rally back

Swing back left right left right, swing front

Rally right, rally left, right drum-rally-rally-rally back



Right hop 23, left lift hop down, skip 23,  left box leap 23 (use the lift swing to travel & feed momentum into the box jump)

Left slide back23, right point, flip, left point

Point in out in, flip, right point hop back


Slip jig:

Bounce, fly, right point, hop onto point (left kick butt)

Left slide back 23, gallop, turn, lift right.






Pub reel from Addi


Point-right kick-butt-left right-wiggle-wiggle-wiggle

Switch 2-3 right double up

Step-left turn-on-right (left-in-front)

Slide-back-left 2-3 point-left point-right point-left whip up point


Point-right kick-butt-left right wiggle-wiggle-wiggle

Step-right jumpturn-kick-butt developpe-lockout-right and down

Slide-back-left 2-3 point-left point-right point-left whip up point

Snowy treble jig


Rally rally rally (fast) hop onto right

Heel heel heel (or toes), rally back.

Rally rally rally hop onto right

(Addi step) step 2 3 left, step 2 3 right

Rally rally rally hop onto right

Rally hop back, switch 2 3

Rally rally rally-back


End variation :

Rally-right-up right-toe right-heel rally-back

Addi’s hornpipe

Tip and tip and rally hop back

Tip and tip and rally hop back

Hop up right heel down rally hop back

Tip left slide right, rally hop back

Tip (left) and tip and rally hop back

Heel and heel and rally hop back

Hop up left heel down rally hop back

Right tip and tip and rally hop back

(Then left foot)


Second step:

Rally hop back leap 2-3

Heel heel heel rally hop back

(Something you know) tip and tip and rally hop back

Tip right step up, tip left step up

(Hop up heel down rally hop back)?

(Something you knit) tip and tip and rally hop back

Click-Front click-front, rally hop back, rally hop back

Slip jig based on Jessica’s reel

Or “slip reel” =)

Point and point hop back (left in back)

Whip right and crossover 2 3

Skip left, skip right, skip left, skip right 2 3, leap right 2 3, twist twist twist

Step left, lift right up down, step left, double up right, step left, leap right 2 3

(Left side: use twists to face front, then go right)


First step:

Point-in point-out point-in hop-back

Hop-back hop-back slide left

Saucy right knee up turn-lwft, left knee up turn-right, place left front

Step-over right, crossover-left 2345, crossover 2345 (left in front)

Slide back left 2345, turning over left shoulder skip-left skip-right skip-left-front



Reels for winter art walk

Skip on for 2×8 counts (turning over right shoulder on last 4 counts)

Step up 123

Fast-whip-right crossover-2-3

Switch skip-left skip-right-2-3-4 leap-right leg land-left-front

Hop twist-right twist-left twist-right

Skip-left skip-right step-close left doubly-hop-right step-right-close leap-right left-front-close

(Left foot)

Fast-whip-left crossover-2-3

Switch skip-right skip-left-2-3-4 leap-left leg land-right-front

Sevens turning over left shoulder, point point point hop back


Second step (smaller hops, just to get off ground, like a ninja)

Point hop back, step-left right-kickbutt-flip (right foot lands in front of left)

Hop up right 23456

Sevens turning over left shoulder

Money step, turning while kicking


Skipp in place for 4, then skip for 4 turning over right shoulder



Roundhouse reel step

Roundhouse step (hop-kickbutt-point front) 2 3, switch 23, switch 23, step-turn (flamingo leg)- point left

Left whip – crossover step- open- close back

Switch step , lift right, skip left23, left hop up 23


Stretch out the switch23s (very Jessica),  quickly crossover in front

Bounce right into the left side (hop23-roundhouse 23)