Three hand treble reel

Three people in a line, hold hands:

(bang step) bang rally-back, bang rally-back, bang rally rally rally back,

Sevens (left foot forward, end people move forward, middle person in place)

Bang rally rally rally back.

Sevens in a triangle, moving to right, end up back in place.

Bang rally rally rally back (end with left foot in front.

Echo step:

(Middle person, turning to face others): bang bang toe rally rally back.

(Others repeat without turning)

Bang rally back

(Others echo)

(All together) bang bang toe rally rally rally back



Front click treble reel

Swing-forward hop, brush back switch, left back-toe, right rally-back, left bang,

Right rally-back, right-front-click (switch), right-back-toe,

left-rally-back, left-front-click (switch), left-back-toe,

Right rally-back, left step, right brush-hop step



Boxy reel & a treble jig

Lead around reel:

(In clockwise half circle) skip and skip and skip23

Switch, sevens toward back

Point right, point left, point right, left over.

Repeat left (counter clockwise)

Boxy reel:

(Swivel face right) skip right, skip left, (face front) step side 23

(Facing forward) skip left, skip right, right box jump 23

(Swivel left) skip right, skip left, (face back) step side 23

(Face left) skip left, skip right, (face forward) twist twist twist.


Treble jig:

Bang rally left toe, lift right (attitude)

Rally rally rally

Right rally heel-roll-toe, left rally heel-roll-toe

Rally rally rally back, rally hop back

Dizzy reel & autumn treble jig

Dizzy reel:

Cut 23, switch-turn23, switch-turn23, left-hop-up

Right-point, up-pause (attitude devant), right-back rock-rock-rock

Left-cut23, left skater jump*


*skater jump: step and lean heavily on front foot, push off jump and cut with front leg (turn toward front leg)


Autumn treble jig:

Right foot front

Jump, Bring right foot back-toe, left foot toe, right step forward-left click.

Right step 23, right step 23

Rally rally rally-back

Right heel, left heel, right demipointe, left Demi pointe, heel click (like wizard of oz)

Shuffle right forward, left forward click, right forward click, jump bicycle click, right forward, right rally-back

Rally rally right rally-back, right rally hop-back

Midsummer Irish steps

Treble jig :

Drum, rally toe, rally toe, slow-whip, rally back

Step right (heel to toe) step left, tap front right, rally rally rally back

Swing back left right left right, swing front

Rally right, rally left, right drum-rally-rally-rally back



Right hop 23, left lift hop down, skip 23,  left box leap 23 (use the lift swing to travel & feed momentum into the box jump)

Left slide back23, right point, flip, left point

Point in out in, flip, right point hop back


Slip jig:

Bounce, fly, right point, hop onto point (left kick butt)

Left slide back 23, gallop, turn, lift right.